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6 reasons NCAA® March Madness is so very exciting

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Have you ever wondered why, exactly, the NCAA® basketball tournament is known as “March Madness®“? Big fans of NCAA® basketball (and there are many of you) may get the title…but whether you’re a March Madness® die-hard or are just a bit curious, once you understand—or are reminded of—the excitement, the uncertainty, the March Madness involved, you’ll want to turn on the tube and catch a game or two (or all 67!) of one of the country’s most-watched sports events.

  • Uncertainty: NCAA® March Madness® is a single-elimination tournament where 64 college teams compete until just one is left standing (to be precise, 68 teams are whittled down to 64 after the four play-in games). The games take place in all four corners of the country, many at the same time and in rapid succession. The nature of the tournament makes it difficult to predict: a team may be on a hot streak, but then one loss takes it completely out of the picture…this uncertainty is part of the Madness.
  • Possibility: On the other hand, every team stands a chance—even if it hadn’t played well all year. Conference tournaments are usually held right before NCAA® March Madness® begins; teams that win their conference championships are automatically entered into the tournament, regardless of what their regular-season records have been. 
  • Speed: NCAA® March Madness® moves quickly by the fourth round, it’s down to 16 teams—the Sweet 16®—followed by the Elite 8®, and then the Final 4®. This Final 4® play two games in three days (note: these are quite exciting to watch!) leading up to the National Championship Game.
  • Surprise: An often fun surprise factor of NCAA® March Madness® is when an unexpected team makes a deep run in the tournament.
  • Brackets: The “madness” of the NCAA® tournament is exactly what makes it so challenging to predict. But this doesn’t stop millions of people from filling out brackets each March.After all, there are many ways to spice up your brackets.
  • Rewards: Here at LG, we’re big fans of the tournament and we want to share our enthusiasm—regardless of how good your bracket is! We are offering a slew of NCAA® March Madness® deals for LG Home Appliances: up to 34% off kitchen bundles, for example (hey, you can upgrade your kitchen as part of your spring cleaning!). In fact, we’ve got special offers in all LG categories (TVs, phones…we’re in the grips of Madness!). Not to mention that you can enter our Do Gameday Right Sweepstakes for a chance to win top LG products, NCAA® gear, and even a trip for two to the Final Four® games (yes, please!)… Good luck to you and your favorite team!
  • LG is an official corporate sponsor of NCAA® March Madness®.