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“Pin the Clothespin on the Stain”

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The start of a new year often inspires us to improve our lives. This year, let’s learn to have more fun in every moment—even when it comes to daily tasks and chores… Can we find a way to make laundry day easier and more enjoyable? Why not?!

Simple, fun laundry tips 

Get organized…

  • Sort as you go: have separate hampers for your lights, your darks, and your gentle care items so you can avoid sorting the entire dirty pile on laundry day.
  • Keep clothespins near the hamper and clip them on items to mark stains so that it’s easy to pretreat the clothes before you put them in the wash. Show your kids how to do the same—they may even enjoy it… “Pin the Clothespin on the Stain” has a ring to it, doesn’t it?
  • Strategically place a hamper in the bathroom or linen closet, so that used towels and sheets collect in one place.
  • Keep all your laundry supplies together—on a shelf or in a closet—and keep extras on hand, so that you don’t have to run to the store every time you need to do laundry.
  • With your laundry conveniently presorted, you can squeeze in a load on a regular basis so a daunting amount of dirty clothes doesn’t pile up… Have the whole family help with the folding so it’s done quicker.

And have fun!

  • Have the kids decorate their hamper with fabric paint, markers, some rhinestones or patches. Let them make it their own!
  • Get into the groove: blast your favorite music as you do the laundry—or, perhaps, get lost in an audio book.
  • Decorate your laundry room to make it more appealing: a colorful rug, some kids’ art, and/or decals can go a long way in brightening your laundry experience.
  • Have a sock folding competition: dump all the clean socks on the couch or bed and race with the kids to see who can match them up quicker. Whoever pairs the most socks wins!
  • Start a “Most Wanted Socks” bulletin board in your laundry room! Pin lone socks to the board so you can quickly identify their missing twins when they turn up. 

More time for enjoyment

The suggestions above, along with other timesaving tips, can make laundry day more palatable. Combine these guidelines with a fast, powerful washer like LG’sMega-Capacity Top Load, and you’ll be whizzing through laundry faster than ever.

The LG Mega-Capacity Top Load Washer  lets you do more laundry at once (5.0 cu. ft. capacity). It also washes your clothes more quickly—TurboWash™ saves you up to 20 minutes per load! Deep cleaning technology and other great features let you get rid of stains, save energy, kill bacteria, and keep all your loads smooth and quiet. Plus, with its control panel moved to the front, you get an intuitive, easy-to-use machine… Watch out: laundry may just become a breeze…

Sure, life is filled with many tasks—like laundry—but this year, let’s try and find ways to make those chores easier and more pleasurable. Fun in every moment: now, that’s a new year’s resolution!


How do you find room for fun amidst the chaos of daily life? Tell us your thoughts below!

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