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iPod Docking Station


LG's collection of speaker docks unleashes all
of the music lurking inside your iPod®, iPhone®,
or Android™ device with sound quality like you've never heard before. Just plug it in, turn it up, and prepare to get your groove on.


Sleek, chic and convenient. With an Android™, iPhone® or iPod® docking station from LG, you can listen to your favorite tunes in high fidelity while charging your favorite, go-to device.  Learn More

Charge your must-have mobile device in virtually any room of your home with a stylish Android™, iPhone® or iPod® docking station& boasting the latest features, such as:

Wireless Audio Streaming: Using Bluetooth technology, you can listen to your favorite tunes without placing your device on your iPod® or iPhone® docking station.

Made for iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®: Many LG docking stations offer full support for the latest (and previous) generations of Apple devices, giving you full access to your favorite features and functions no matter which generation your device may be.

Portable In: Available on select iPod®, iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ docking stations, Portable In allows you connect MP3 players, laptops or personal media players to the docking station and listen to music through your LG audio system.

Auto EQ: Some Android™ and iPod® speaker docks feature EQ presets that are predefined by musical genre – making it simple to optimize your sound system to suit your style.

USB Contents Playback: When you choose a docking station with the USB contents playback option, you can plug in a USB memory stick that’s loaded with movies, music or photos, then view and/or listen to its contents in stunning clarity.

Auto Time and Automatic Daylight Savings Time: Choose an Android™ or iPod® speaker dock that combines auto time and automatic daylight savings time adjustments with an alarm – and you’ll not only be able to listen to your favorite tunes, but you’ll have a traditional, fully functioning alarm clock that’s always right – and always at your fingertips.

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