Discover LG Refrigerators

Discover LG Refrigerators

LG refrigerators give you more room, smarter features and stylish looks.
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Boys in amazement of a lot of chocolate milk - LG LFX31995ST

Man, That's a Lot of Chocolate Milk

Introducing The Largest Capacity
French Door Refrigerator

LG’s new 33 cubic foot fridge is the largest capacity French Door Refrigerator in the category.* This means more food. More drinks. More everything.

The Transformative Beauty of LG Studio

The Transformative
Beauty of LG Studio

Presenting the kitchen you’ve always
wanted. LG Studio appliances are
the ultimate fusion of artful design
and polished performance.

Take a Closer Look
LG Cooking Options for Your Kitchen

LG Cooking Options
for Your Kitchen

Whether it's beautifully designed options for
your kitchen or the latest technologies, new
cooking appliances from LG are designed to enhance your overall experience by creating
great everyday moments. Explore the broad
array of innovative LG cooking appliances
for your kitchen.


LG TrueSteam™ Dishwashers

Save time and effort with TrueSteam™ technology and our flexible EasyRack™ Plus System.

Remotely Control Your Appliances

Remotely Control
Your Appliances

A new world of connectivity and customization with LG Smart ThinQ™ Appliances

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For Your Kitchen

From family dinners and annual parties to perfecting your favorite dish, your kitchen is the heart of your home. With sophisticated and functional LG kitchen appliances, you don’t just feed your family and friends, you improve their quality of life. Learn More

LG kitchen appliances provide the perfect balance between smart technology and stylish design. Loaded with innovative features, discover some of the ways LG kitchen appliances can make your life easier.

Style: Explore our modern kitchen appliances with built-in features designed to fit your style. Whether you have room to spare or live in a smaller space, our LG kitchen appliances come in a range of sizes and finishes to fit seamlessly into your home.

Innovation: At LG, we’ve come up with some amazing features that get you in and out of the kitchen quickly and efficiently. Our ingenious feature-rich kitchen appliances include large capacity refrigerators to store more of your favorite foods longer; time-saving double ovens that allow you to cook entrees and desserts at the same time; and microwave sensor cook technology that prevents under- and over-cooking.

Eco-friendly: In preparing for the future, LG leads the way with kitchen appliances designed with features aimed at reducing your impact on the environment. Experience the SenseClean™ technology of our dishwashers that adjusts water and cycle length for accurate cleaning and energy efficiency; marvel at induction cooktops that save energy by heating at unrivalled speed; and so much more.


View LG Refrigerators

All Refrigerators

View one of the largest and most innovative selections of refrigerators from LG.

View LG Ranges & Ovens

French Door

View 3 Door French Door refrigerators that  keep your food fresh, and give you the room to store it all.

Discover LG side-by-side refrigerators


See side-by-side cabinet depth refrigerators  designed to match the depth of your kitchen cabinets.

View LG Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top Freezer

Look at traditional top freezer refrigerator designs with features such as contoured doors, hidden hinges, and an available "Easy Steel" Finish.

View LG Appliance Accessories


Refrigerator filters and other LG accessories to help keep your kitchen appliances efficient.

Ranges & Ovens

Discover LG Gas Ranges

Gas Ranges

See gas ranges from LG that help make cooking simple and fun thanks to features such as convection systems and fast preheating.

Discover LG Electric Ranges

Electric Ranges

View LG’s feature-rich electric ranges designed to add a degree of simplicity and a dash of fun to your cooking.

Wall Ovens

LG Wall Ovens

All Wall Ovens

Check out premium wall ovens that offer the perfect harmony between style and performance.

LG Single Wall Ovens

Single Oven

Explore single ovens from LG with a range of features to make cooking easy.

LG Double Wall Ovens

Double Oven

See large capacity double ovens that give you a whole lot more cooking space.


View All LG Cooktops

All Cooktops

Browse elegant and high-performing LG cooktops, with features including stainless steel trim, SmoothTouch™ controls, induction bridge elements and premium-grade griddles.

LG Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops

View LG induction cooktops embodying conceptual features like large-area bridge elements that convert two heating elements into one.

LG Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops

See our range of versatile gas cooktops that are ideal for quicker and easier cooking

LG Radiant Cooktops

Radiant cooktops

Browse LG radiant cooktops with conceptual features such as Smooth-Touch™ Controls to make cooking easier and more stylish.

Microwave Ovens

LG Microwave Ovens

All Microwave Ovens

Explore versatile and stylish LG microwave ovens with innovative features such as Sensor Cook technology.

LG Countertop Microwaves


See our range of versatile easy-to-install countertop microwave ovens.

LG Over the Range Micowave Ovens

Over the Range

View our over the range microwave ovens with features such as Extenda™ Vent and warming lamp.


LG Dishwashers

All Dishwashers

Browse LG dishwashers with intuitive controls that let you enter your desired settings with the touch of a finger.

LG Integrated Dishwashers

Fully Integrated

Explore LG's range of fully integrated dishwashers with sleek hidden controls that provide understated elegance.

LG Semi Integrated Dishwashers


Browse the LG range of semi-integrated dishwashers with features such as sleek styling and LoDecibel Quiet Operation.

LG Dishwasher Accessories

Dishwasher Accessories

Maintain efficiency with an LG cutlery silverware basket and other LG dishwasher accessories.

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