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Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year

“Impressive across the board with ground-breaking

innovation – LG is flexing its technological muscle”

Express yourself with QuickMemo™

Draw a moustache on a BFF’s photo. Customize the party route with hand-drawn directions. Scribble or sketch on any screen. Capture, personalize, and share anything on the phone screen with QuickMemo™.





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LG Optimus

Intelligence is easy with the LG Optimus. Touting advanced features and user-friendly simplicity, alongside the brilliant Android™ operating system and Google™ app functionality, Optimus LG phones are set with everything you need to navigate through your daily life. Learn More

From simple, effortless LG Optimus smartphones that offer an easy solution to your technology needs, to Optimus LG phones with sleek, intuitive features, you can choose from several different styles (LG Optimus C, V, U, M, T, S, G) with an array of goodies that put your world in your pocket. No matter what smartphone you choose, you’re getting instant intelligence at your fingertips, while simplifying your life.

Each Android LG Optimus features a touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom for closer viewing, as many as seven customizable homescreens, Virtual QWERTY with Swype, camera/camcorder, Wi-Fi® connectivity, Google™ Voice Actions and much more. The LG Optimus offers you all the time-saving features of Android™, like speed and simplicity, as well as apps that make online search, shopping, and music just an easy voice command away. You can also turn your LG Android Optimus into a Wi-Fi® hotspot so friends or family can surf, too. Now that's smart!

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