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Discover Lucid by LG

  • Simple. How smart is that!

    LG created Lucid just for you: the first-timer who wants all the versatility of a smartphone…and wants to keep things as simple as possible. With a user experience that feels friendly from the start, Lucid makes everything a breeze. Connect. Be entertained. Capture the world around you. The brilliant 4" screen will amaze you. The blazing fast 1.2 GHz dual core processor and 4G LTE connection will keep you in the express lane!

    The Brightest Screen

    Lucid's 4" touch screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass stays sharp and vivid even in bright sunlight.

    See The Features

    Front & rear facing camera

    Lucid puts a precision HD camera and HD video recorder in the palm of your hand.

    A Look at What You Get

    Apps for Every Interest

    Personalize Lucid with all-time favorite apps and brand new discoveries.

    Find a TV
  • You're off to a great start.

    It's easy to get used to Lucid's sleek good looks. And just as easy to learn all the amazing things it can do for you. With Lucid's built-in tutorial, you're "this close" to having the pros of LG by your side. Most likely, this is your first smartphone, and LG wants it to be a carefree experience right from the start. Discover one impressive feature. And more and more. Suddenly, everything seems possible!

    Clearly Smart

    Easy to learn and use

    Your Guided Tour is about to begin. Lucid's built-in tutorials lead the way, taking you step by step through all the basics of getting started...and connecting with friends and family like never before. Making the transition from your old phone to a user-friendly smartphone is easier than you ever imagined. It's also a lot of fun.

    The fewer steps the better

    With Lucid, you'll quickly answer calls, listen to voicemail, check email and start taking pictures and movies even while your phone is in Lock mode. Quick Dialer is another big time-saver. And you can do so many things just by tapping your phone or making the simplest motion gestures.

  • We think you'll like these features.

    Lucid isn't about bells and whistles and gimmicks. It's all about innovative features that work together to bring you a rewarding and reliable smartphone experience. From a screen that's brilliant even in direct sunlight to the high definition video camera to all the pre-loaded apps that welcome you to the smartphone age, Lucid delivers standout performance. Here's a preview.

    Features & Gallery

    The brightest screen from
    sun up to sun down

    Lucid's 4" touch display is the brightest screen in the market, constantly auto-adjusting contrast so images are sharp and vivid even under the high noon sun. A spec called 700-nits brightness is big news, but that's kind of technical. What matters to you is the eye-opening brilliance and the scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass surface.

    1.2 GHz dual core processor and
    4G LTE network

    What does all of this mean to you? It means the best of LG technology and Verizon's network come together to bring you impressively fast web browsing, multi-tasking, emailing, downloading and social networking capabilities. Imagine the possibilities.

    You're well connected.

    Lucid is the smartphone that takes you places. A unique feature called SmartShare lets you wirelessly show pictures and videos on a big HD screen. ShareGenie makes it easy to exchange images, music and documents with compatible devices. Your new phone can also serve as a Mobile Hotspot, sharing 4G data connectivity with up to 10 other devices.

    High Definition Camera & HD Video

    "I forgot the camera!" Sound familiar? With Lucid in your pocket or bag, you're ready for every moment. Count on an extra sharp 5 megapixel autofocus HD camera with LED flash, plus a front-facing camera for self portraits and video chats. Full HD video capabilities offer all kinds of creative options. And Lucid makes it a snap to share special times with everyone.

    Get H'appy with google!

    Lucid operates on Google's nifty Android™ platform called Gingerbread, a tasty link to over 500,000 apps. Created just for Android phones, these clever apps let you download books in seconds, find the hottest restaurants, plan a trip, learn a language, play games, even watch your favorite tv shows..

  • You have questions.
    We have answers.

    When you design a brand new phone and fine-tune every detail, you get to know it very well. So ask us anything about Lucid, and we'll do our best to give you the most helpful answers. These Q&As are a good way to learn more. And feel free to contact the Lucid pros by way of the handy links below. We're here to help.

    Questions & Answers

    Q: What does Superior outdoor visibility mean?

    Lucid's 4" touch display offers up to an impressive 700-nits brightness and it auto-adjusts contrast so on-screen content is always at its most vibrant, even in direct sunlight.

    Q: Can I talk on the phone while surfing the internet?

    Yes! Actually you can talk on the phone while maintaining the 4G connection. You can browse the web, send emails, or look up directions while on a call.

    Q: Can users record their own videos in 1080p?

    Users will be able to capture the clearest, most lifelike video with 1080p HD video recording. These videos can then be uploaded on YouTube or Facebook.

    Q: What features make lucid an easy-to-learn and easy to use device for the first time smartphone user?

    Along with the Guided Tours which provide step-by-step on-device tutorials, Lucid's intuitive and friendly User Interface includes options for quick reply to received message, quick access from the lock screen, and also new widgets such as Quick Dialer. All of these features help make it an effortless transition moving to a smartphone from a feature phone.

    Q: Can I send content to my big screen hdtv?

    Yes! By using SmartShare, which is wireless sharing via DLNA®, streaming or recorded content can be shared to a larger HD display.

    Q: What is wifi direct™?

    Wi-Fi Direct devices can connect to one another wirelessly without having to join a wireless network.

    Q: How does google integration work?

    Google applications come pre-loaded on Lucid. Just sign in with your Google username and password (or create a new one), and your Gmail™, calendar and contacts will automatically be synced on the go, and use Google Talk to IM your contacts from your phone.

  • Lucid & Verizon.
    A winning combination.

    There's only one place to get Lucid by LG. And that's at Verizon, home of America's fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Drop by a Verizon store near you. Or enjoy the convenience of purchasing Lucid online right now. Why wait any longer!

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