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QuickMemo is fast

Just press your phone's Up & Down Volume Buttons simultaneously and you'll immediately capture a screen image…like a map to your favorite restaurant. QuickMemo captures everything that matters to you, whether it's a sneak peek at a new car, a fashion accessory too good to keep to yourself, a key paragraph in a business document. Quick, you've got the image! Just as quick, you're adding your own words and messaging, and communicating on a whole new level.

Quickmemo is fast
QuickMemo becomes second nature

QuickMemo becomes second nature

The more you use QuickMemo by LG, the more you appreciate how it becomes a seamless part of your life. You'll view screen content in a different way, realizing the impact that a personal message can have on recipients. QuickMemo really gets your point across. It triggers fresh ideas. Fun. When something on your smartphone screen grabs your imagination, it's yours to annotate and personalize. Just press… and get ready to impress!

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