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A message makes all
the difference.

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The power of a fingertip

Once you've captured your screen page, all you need is your fingertip to add eye-catching notes, comments or an artistic flourish. A choice of line styles and a full palette of colors let you be as discreet or bold as you please. As you'll discover, every screen capture inspires its own unique personalization. Second thoughts about you handiwork? QuickMemo by LG lets you erase your notations just as easily.

The power of a fingertip
Life's Filled with QuickMemo Moments

Life's Filled with QuickMemo Moments

QuickMemo becomes an essential communication tool in countless ways. Here's a sampling:

  • Ask your pals to help you choose the coolest snowboard
  • Scribble a make-believe comment from your pet!
  • Circle must-see stops on a weekend getaway
  • Add personal comments to your travel pictures

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