Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

Award-winning actress Jane Lynch brings her trademark humor, "get it done" attitude, and modern family perspective to the LG Text Ed Council.

Known for her sardonic, been-there done-that attitude in her TV and film portrayals, Jane’s latest role has her collaborating with LG Mobile Phones to raise awareness about mobile misuse among teens. As a member of the LG Text Ed Council, she is tackling issues such as sexting, texting while driving, mobile bullying, and other questionable teen behaviors.

Harnessing her unique talent to deliver lines that are both humorous and meaningful, Jane has created five videos for LG that take an entertaining look at some really clueless parents as she educates them on the why’s, what’s, and who’s of modern-day teen mobile behavior. While humorous in tone, the underlying message is serious: as parents, we must “face the facts” and then “send the message” to our children that this behavior is risky and unacceptable.

Jane also joins her fellow council members as a spokesperson and together their mission is to educate parents and provide them with credible and useful resources. As a new mom, Jane is committed to raising awareness about mobile misuse so parents are informed and children are protected.

Check out Text Ed with Jane Lynch

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