It's not just a feature. It's the future of entertainment.

NetCast™ Entertainment Access brings the best Internet services direct to your TV—no computer required. Instantly access movies and TV shows from Netflix*, "the latest Hollywood releases from Roxio CinemaNow" news and weather with Yahoo Widgets, music on Pandora, and with Vudu, the world’s largest library of HD movies in 1080p.

So, is it watching TV? Or something better?

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*Netflix® subscription required

NetCast™ now offers Vudu The best source for HD on NetCas.™

There's streaming movies and then there's streaming movies in eye-popping Full HD 1080p with dazzling Dolby® Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. Only Vudu™ can bring movies at home to life with stunning picture quality that will put you right in the action.

HDX The only way to get streaming Full HD 1080p. Movies and shows look their absolute best when they’re in Full HD 1080p resolution and Vudu is the streaming movie source that delivers. Their HDX streaming format is equivalent to Blu-ray. If you want the most out of your HD, this is how to get it.

DOBLY DIGITAL PLUS Unrivaled Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. Really enjoying a movie isn’t just about what you’re watching. You need the best sound to get the best experience. You need Dolby Digital Plus, 5.1 channel surround sound. There’s nothing better for streaming movies and you’ll only find it on Vudu.

The most HD streaming movies—anywhere. Want tonight to be a double feature? Go ahead and make it a triple feature. You’ll find the most HD movies on Vudu and you don’t need a subscription to enjoy them. Thousands in HD and many in unbeatable HDX. Best of all, no other streaming service gets you new releases faster.

Everything you need to know about NetCast™

NetCast™ Entertainment Access

If you like instant gratification, NetCast™ Entertainment Access delivers.

With Internet connectivity, virtually endless entertainment and info are all yours, direct to your TV, blu-ray player or home theater system from the Internet—no computer required.

Streaming allows you to access media directly from your high-speed broadband connection in exceptional audio and video quality. Experience films, music, online videos, the moment you want them.

This is the future of entertainment and it’s available now through LG.

*Features vary by model and product category

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