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Nobody Has More #1 Rated Ranges*.

Nobody Has More
#1 Rated Ranges*.

The right choice has never been easier. Feature after feature, LG ranges impress the experts with their advanced cooking performance and the blissful convenience of EasyClean™. As you’ll discover, LG has a range model just right for you.
SEE THE LRE3083ST  SEE THE LDE3037ST - LG Range LRE3023ST Best of Year 2012

"Without a doubt…one
of the finest ovens
we’ve seen."

The heat is on and LG's largest capacity oven LRE3023ST scores big time... for cooking capacity, temperature control and convection performance.

Discover Smart ThinQ

The Future Is Knocking.
Open the Door.

Smart ThinQ™ appliances merge connectivity,
convenience and performance like never before.
And never before is now!

Discover Smart ThinQ
LG Ranges and Ovens

Ready to Serve

LG Electric and gas ranges are designed to
make cooking easy and enjoyable, while our premium line of built-in single and double wall
ovens strike the perfect balance between
smart technology and stylish design.

LG Cooking Options for Your Kitchen

LG Cooking Options
for Your Kitchen

Whether it's beautifully designed options for
your kitchen or the latest technologies, new
cooking appliances from LG are designed to enhance your overall experience by creating
great everyday moments. Explore the broad
array of innovative LG cooking appliances
for your kitchen.

The Transformative Beauty of LG Studio

The Transformative
Beauty of LG Studio

Presenting the kitchen you’ve always
wanted. LG Studio appliances are
the ultimate fusion of artful design
and polished performance.

Take a Closer Look

All Ranges

Electric or gas range units? Single or double oven models? Packaged as one appliance, both of LG’s electric and gas oven range units are designed to fuel your passion for cooking with style and convenience.  Learn More

Learn more about gas and electric ranges and oven units from LG:

Electric Range Units: Powered with electricity, LG electric range units offer a solid glass surface from which to heat pots on the stovetop. With a continuous solid surface, LG range models are super easy to clean.

Gas Range Units: From delicate sauces to boiling liquids, gas range units offer precision and control that allows you to deliver the exact amount of heat for perfect dishes. With a gas range unit, the oven unit is also powered with gas.

Single Oven Models: Ideal for everyday living, single oven models from LG offer one large-capacity oven cooking space.

Double Oven Units: Twice the size of a single oven model, the double oven unit allows you to cook large meals, multiple dishes, or dinner and dessert, simultaneously.

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View All Clear All

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