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Find the Right Refrigerator

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How wide is the space for the refrigerator?

When choosing a refrigerator, size is important. Width and depth directly affect capacity, so measure the space where it will go. Use the guide on the left to make your selections.

For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the unique Door-in-Door™ feature provides easy access to beverages and snacks while reducing cold air loss by up to 47%*


Elevate your kitchen with style and innovation. Keep everyday foods at eye level. Available in 4-door models


Elevate your kitchen with style and innovation. Keep everyday foods at eye level. Available in 3-door models


Two separate full-length compartment side-by-side. Fresh foods go in the refrigerator on the right side, and a tall freezer is on the left.


With full-swing doors, the refrigerator goes on top so the foods you use everyday are easily accessible. Your frozen foods go below. Available with either a pull-drawer or a swing-door freezer section.


The most traditional door style features the freezer section on top, full-length swing-doors, and LG's refined approach to design.


Which door style is best for your kitchen?

Finding the right door style for you - and the right swing for your space - will improve the efficiency of your kitchen. Please roll over a door style to learn more and make your selections.

What color looks best in your kitchen?

LG refrigerators come in different colors and finishes to match the tone you want in your kitchen.

Would you like an ice and water dispenser?

Enjoy easy access to cold refreshment with a built-in icemaker. LG refrigerators with an ice & water dispenser offer even more refreshment, and let you fill anything from pint glasses to pitchers. Plus, you don't have to sacrifice door-shelf space with LG's Slim SpacePlus ice system.

Select the freshness features that interest you

LG's SmartFresh technology keeps temperature and humidity inside the refrigerator at the right levels to keep food fresher, longer. LG refrigerators with the Fresh Air Filter continually pump fresh, deodorized air inside, while the Multi-Air Flow design surrounds food with air no matter where you place it.

How much are you planning to spend?

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