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As with any new appliance, you have to learn how it operates. So, let's start with the basics. Learn how to start a cycle, how to know when a cycle has ended, and how to cancel a cycle once it has already begun.


How to start a cycle 

Open and load the dishwasher, making sure that nothing is blocking the spray arms. Fill the detergent dispenser and add rinse aid, if needed. If using liquid or powder detergent, fill up the detergent between the lines marked "20" and "30." Then press the power button to turn on your dishwasher. Press the button of your desired cycle and select any extra options (like customizing the level of spray intensity). The cleaning cycle will begin 10 seconds after closing the door. Note: your dishwasher screen will display how long the cycle will last.

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How to know when a cycle has ended 

Once your cycle has ended, the green "clean" light on the second LED indicator (on the outside of your dishwasher) will turn on and then automatically turn off after 90 seconds. The dishwasher will automatically power off to save energy.

If you prefer to have the "clean" LED indicator to remain on until you open the dishwasher door, press and hold the "Extra Dry" and "Half Load" buttons together on the control panel until you see “on” appear in the display.

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How to cancel a cycle 

Should you need to cancel a cycle after it has been selected, simply press the "Steam Delicate" and "Normal" buttons together for 3 seconds. The dishwasher will stop within 80 seconds, after draining the remaining water in the tub. To skip the draining process and immediately shut off the machine, press and hold the "Steam Delicate" and "Normal" buttons once again.

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