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LG Dishwasher – Using Detergents and Additives

Operation Dishwashers Last Updated 04/26/2018
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LG Dishwasher – using Detergents and Additives


By properly using detergents and additives you can maximize your dishwasher’s performance. In this video we will show you how to apply detergents and additives to get the most out of your LG Dishwasher.

There are different types of DETERGENTS: Powders, Gels, Tablets, and Single Use Packs to choose from.

The dispenser compartments for your LG Dishwasher are located on the door to add detergents push the button next to the compartment door and it will open.

Add detergent into the compartment and not over fill.

Close the compartment door; make sure there are no obstructions that can cause the compartment to improperly closing.

To boost the washing performance we can also add a prewash to your load by filling the compartment mark prewash with a detergent and not over fill.

Utilizing rinse aid with every load will increase your dishwasher’s performance and leaves your dishes spotless. The rinse aid compartment is located next to the main washing compartment do not over fill. Rinse aid is vital for your LG Dishwasher to function properly. To learn more about rinse aid click the link below.

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