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LG Dishwasher - Rinse Aid and Buildup

Operation Dishwashers Last Updated 04/26/2018
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LG Dishwasher - Rinse Aid and Buildup


Enhance the look and feel in every wash on your LG Dishwasher by using Rinse aid. Rinse aid is vital for drying dishes and should be used for every load.

The Rinse aid dispenser is located on the door next to Detergent dispenser. Push the button releases its frontal door then fill with Rinse aid.

Do no overflow.

Your LG Dishwasher allows you to adjust your Rinse aid dispenser settings to maximum performance. The Rinse aid dispenser is set to 3 which should provide the best performance under most conditions. However, if you have hard water and notice water marks and mineral deposits on your dishes, increase the setting to 4 or 5. If mineral deposits remain even after you’ve changed your setting, adding a water softener or a demineralizer may help. If your dishes are coming out “streaky”, then lower your setting down to 2 or 1. Please keep in mind that keeping Rinse aid setting too low will contribute to poor drying performance.

When water Rinse aid is needed, the lower Rinse aid indicator will appear on display panel and Rinse aid indicator located in the compartment will be empty.

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