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How to Use Rinse Aid - Dishwasher

Operation Dishwashers Last Updated 04/25/2018

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How to Use Rinse Aid

To increase your dishwasher’s drying performance and prevent water spots, use rinse aid with every wash cycle.
For Model Numbers: LSDF9963ST, LDT8786ST, LDP7786ST, LDP5676BD, LDT5665ST, LDF5545ST

  • When the rinse aid level is low, the rinse aid icon will flash on the control panel, letting you know it is time to add rinse aid.
  • Locate the rinse aid dispenser on the inside door of the dishwasher.
  • Lift up the flap to open the dispenser lid, then fill the dispenser to the maximum fill level with rinse aid. Avoid overfilling.
  • Make sure the liquid rinse aid settles while filling to avoid air bubbles.
  • After filling the dispenser, close the lid firmly until you hear a click.
  • Wipe off any spilled rinse aid around the dispenser.
  • To adjust the rinse aid level, turn the dishwasher off and press the Power and Dual Zone buttons simultaneously.
  • Then press Delay Start repeatedly to select the rinse aid level. [Rinse aid levels range between L0 and L4.]
  • Once your desired rinse aid level is selected, press the Start button to save.
  • Raise the rinse aid level if hard water is causing calcium buildup on your dishes or if you notice spotting or streaking on dishes and poor drying performance.
  • Using too much rinse aid can cause foaming or film on your dishes.
  • If this happens, lower the rinse aid level. You will need to adjust the rinse aid accordingly.
  • The rinse aid icon automatically shuts off when the rinse aid is refilled or the dispenser level is set to 0.
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