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Screenshot+ How to Use - Android Video

Troubleshooting Cell Phones, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 11/11/2016
Screenshot+ How to Use - Android Video
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Screenshot + how to use Smartphone

[Steps shown on screen]

  1. Drag a notifrication bar and select capture+ on the screen which you want to get as a screenshot.
  2. If you want a whole screen as a screenshot, select V mark from the top left corner and save it at gallery or Q memo+.
  3. Tap Menu button on the top right corner to change a wallpaper. When 5:30 wallpaper is chosen, selected screen can be captured as it is.
  4. When white color wallpaper is chosen, you can pick any color you want for a wallpaper.
  5. You can write words by choosing a pen icon. Change shape, thickness and transparency by tapping the pen icon again.
  6. You can erase words by choosing an eraser icon.

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