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Keyboard Issues and Slowness - Android Video

Operation Cell Phones, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 09/20/2017
Keyboard Issues and Slowness - Android Video
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Keyboard shows slow response when typing text messages Smartphone

[Steps shown on screen]

  1. If your keyboard shows slow response when you type text messages, you cannot find a list of recent calls and text messages.
  2. Security warning pops up from certain applications when you connect to the internet or close window pop up when GPS application is running.
  3. Then delete LG keybaord data. Tap and hold the square button at the bottom of the screen to click on system settings.
  4. Go to settings, then tap general at the top. Swipe the screen up to find application menu.
  5. Go to the application menu and tap the menu button on the top right corner.
  6. Click on the menu button, tap show system from additional menu.
  7. Go to additional menu of application, then swipe the screen up to find and tap LG keyboard application.
  8. Go to LG keybaord application then tap storage.
  9. Go to storage then tap delete data button.
  10. Tap delete data button, then a message box saying "Delete app data?" appears, tap ok then app data will be deleted.
  11. After finishing data deletion, existing problems such as slow response of keyboard, missing list of recent text messages and calls are solved.
  12. Also, warning popup while using certain website or GPS application will disapear.

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