Reinventing How You Watch TV

With four times the resolution of Full HD, you're not just watching TV. You're part of every moment. Clearly, the future of home entertainment is here. Sharper, richer, livelier than ever before!

With LG, it's all possible

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The ULTRA HD Experience

LG Ultra High Definition 4K TV takes image clarity to a whole new level with pixel resolution that's four times greater than Full HD. Whether you're watching sports, movies or playing games, the viewing experience is breathtaking. Brilliantly true-to-life. And now, LG Ultra HD 4K TV is truly personalized, with brand new 65" Class and 55" Class editions joining our 84" Class flagship model.

4K Future Compatible

LG 4K TVs meet the current UHD standards by including support for native UHD content and are the only sets currently on the market to include a high efficiency video codec (HEVC) also known as H.265 for streaming UHD content via the Smart TV interface.

As new sources of content become available in the future, some may require next generation interfaces and LG is planning to make an upgrade available later in the year which will support the latest versions of HDMI and HEVC.*

*May require a separate purchase and installation. Contact LG Customer Service with any questions regarding the LG 4K upgrade.
Phone: 800-243-0000

4.1 Channel Sliding Speaker**

No surprise, the room-filling sound of LG's Ultra HD 4K TV is every bit as impressive – and innovative – as its 4Kresolution. A unique sliding speaker bar recedes when you're not watching TV, maintaining a look of pristine minimalism that enhances every setting. Sound good? Wait until you hear it.

**Feature only available on LA9700.


Enjoy the benefits of 4K resolution today. LG's Tru-ULTRA HD Engine upscales the picture through a 4-step data analysis that enhances the details of all broadcasts, movies, sports and games, giving you the viewing experience you expect from an Ultra HD 4K TV.


Introducing LG's most advanced LED technology. LG's Micro Pixel Control incorporates up to 144 blocks of LEDs throughout the back of the panel that can individually brighten and dim each segment of the screen. This results in the deepest, darkest and most natural colors for superior picture performance.

*Feature only available on LA9700.

IPS Panel

LG's state-of-the-art screen panel provides a wide viewing angle that makes every location the best seat in the house. Family and friends will enjoy vibrant color and virtually blur-free pictures clear across the room.

Smart TV's Limitless Content*

Ultra HD 4K TV is the ultimate showcase for premium content like Netflix® and Hulu Plus®, which you'll now be enjoying in upscaled 4K resolution for razor sharp clarity. With LG's intuitive Magic Remote, accessing content is as effortless as pointing and clicking, or using LG's Voice Mate™*, which responds instantly to any spoken request... even when you're speaking in a natural conversational manner.

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*Internet connection required and sold separately.
**LG Voice Mate available on select models only.

Cinema 3D in 4K Resolution*

"Awesome!" barely scratches the surface. With ULTRA HD Cinema 3D you're experiencing four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, so every 3D effect is eye-opening unbelievable. You even have the option of converting 2D content to 3D whenever you please. LG makes it easy to share the excitement with battery-free glasses that are lightweight and affordable.

*For a small percentage of the population, the viewing of stereoscopic 3D video technology may cause discomfort such as headaches, dizziness or nausea. If you experience any symptoms, discontinue using the 3D functionality and contact your health care provider.
84" Class Ultra High Definition 4K
TV Full LED (83.9" diagonally)
65" Class Ultra High Definition 4K
TV with NANO Full LED
(64.5" diagonally)
65" Class Ultra High Definition 4K
TV with Smart TV (64.5" diagonally)