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The Plays Have Never Looked Bigger
With LG’s world first LED projectors with built-in HDTV tuners, the best seat in the house will be in your house. Big screen. Big choice of what to watch. Your LG LED projector will always draw a big crowd.
Built-in HD Tuner
With its high-performance built-in, digital HDTV tuner, your LG LED projector can tune in your favorite game or program - without an external HDTV receiver box. Just plug in your projector, and enjoy.

Go Big and Go Home
With your LG LED projector, you can make your HDTV
big-screen experience even bigger—up to 100 inches.

Color Your World
With an LED Digital-Based Light Source, you enjoy wider color range and deeper color saturation than traditional lamps. Plus, ultra-fast, pulsing LED light virtually eliminates motion blur and color break-up.

Super Long-Lasting LED Light
Your LG LED projector gives you up to 30,000 hours of lamp life. That's enough lamp life to watch almost 10,000 football games or Hollywood blockbusters—or play more games than is probably good for you.
30,000 Hours


Connect Big Time
TV, movies, vacation photos, games. You’ve never had more to watch and more to show the world - and with the connectivity options of an LG LED projector, you can.
Get the best experience with less wires. A single, all-digital cable input makes it easy to connect and integrate all your digital systems, including cable/satellite boxes and games. Now you can carry your entertainment on your keychain. LG LED Projectors can play Photo and Movie Player via USB, and supports DivX HD formats. Instant On/Off with full brightness in around 5 seconds.

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