Wireless TV

Choose the LG LCD television that is right for you.
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Now you can give your beautiful new LG HDTV more breathing room. With a Wireless Media Kit (sold separately), stunning Full HD 1080p images are transmitted to your HDTV remotely -- with no wires between the box and the TV. Everything connects to the Wireless Media Kit and the TV only needs to be plugged into a power supply. That means you can hook up all of your entertainment devices on one side of the room and enjoy them on your LG TV that's neatly mounted on the other side of the room.

Enjoying streaming movies from the Internet is one thing. Not needing an Ethernet cable to access it is even better. With LG TVs, now you can tap into your Wi-Fi® network at home using a small Wi-Fi® USB Adapter (sold separately) that easily plugs into the back of the tv. Streaming movies and videos has never been easier.