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LG Launches High Performance Gas Cooker Exclusively Designed For The Middle East And Africa


LG Electronics (LG) has launched a high performance Gas Cooker solely for households across the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The new cooker was created following LG's 'Learning from You' ethos, and boasts a unique design with high performance features that makes it the ultimate appliance for regional kitchens.

 LG Gas Cooker

As a testimony to LG’s ongoing commitment to its consumers and developing products that answer their needs, LG created the MEA exclusive Gas Cooker based on feedback garnered from local consumers. The feedback was analysed and guided LG in creating a bespoke product that perfectly addresses consumer cooking demands across the MEA regions.

 LG Gas Cooker

With an integrated Power Convection system home chefs can look forward to serving their guests delicious food, which has been quickly and evenly cooked. The Gas Cooker's Power Convection feature uses a special fan that evenly distributes heat across the entirety of the cooker's cooking cavity. This ensures that food is cooked quickly and evenly, and with a minimal loss of moisture. The LG Gas Cooker packs a rotisserie as well, allowing consumers to evenly cook large pieces of meat (such as whole chickens) for special occasions.


Excellent everyday cooking performance is guaranteed thanks to the Gas Cooker's powerful 'Wok Burners'. The burners are able to generate powerful flames that can quickly heat a variety of food or simmer it using a low but still steady flame. Thanks to the Wok Burners, food can be prepared efficiently and in the least amount of time. Another benefit is that whereas traditional cookers limit the type of food that a chef can prepare (due to the lack of heating power offered by the burners), the LG Gas Cooker's Wok Burners enable chefs to cook a broad range of foods including big pots of stew. 

With a Dual Heating system the high performance Gas Cooker also ensures that consumers have unmatched convenience and flexibility. The cooker's grill and baking burner can be used simultaneously - with two separate control knobs, a chef can seamlessly control the grill and baking burner independently.


Hassle free cleaning is also a reality with the LG Gas Cooker thanks to several consumer friendly features. With LG's EasyCleanTM Catalytic Liner, which uses Catalytic Cleaning technology, keeping your gas cooker's oven clean is a worry free affair - when the internal temperature reaches 200-degrees Celsius, the system will automatically oxidize any food residue that is created during the cooking process. 

The LG Gas Cooker also features EasyCleanTM Removable Glass, which allows home chefs to remove the oven's viewing glass panel. The feature does not require the use of any tools and allows a chef to clean the glass and refit it with ease.


The new cooker also offers safety features that demonstrate LG's commitment to consumer health and safety. A Flame Failure Device (FFD) ensures that the LG Gas Cooker automatically cuts off the gas supply in the event of flame failure - if flame-loss occurs in either the oven or the Wok Burners, the FFD will cut the gas supply thus preventing unburned gas from accumulating within the kitchen. The Gas Cooker's closed door grilling function also allows home chefs to stop smoke and food odors from spreading through their homes. The smoke and odor are kept within the oven cavity and can only escape via the integrated ventilation system. 

“LG prides itself on learning from its customers, so it is with great pleasure that we launch this MEA exclusive LG Gas Cooker, which offers several features that regional customers asked for,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President LG Electronics, Gulf FZE. “Customers across MEA have discerning tastes, which is why this Gas Cooker offers features such as a Power Convection system, Dual Heating and Catalytic Cleaning technology. These features ensure that cooked meals are of the highest quality, and that customers have a healthy and convenient experience each and every time."

The Gas Cooker is now available at all major retail outlets across the Middle East and Africa.