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LG prioritizes family wellbeing this International Day of Families


LG prioritizes family wellbeing this International Day of Families

Take advantage of the bad weather, stay indoors and spend quality time with the family

Dubai, UAE, 15 May, 2018: Who would have thought that Dean Martin’s classic Christmas carol “Let it Snow” might be appropriate in May in Dubai? With the sandstorm, we could all be singing about the sand instead of the snow. But it could not have come at a more ideal time. Today is the International Day of Families – the best day to spend some quality time with your family this year. This year’s UN theme is “Families and Inclusive Societies”, which is not only apt for the UAE’s generous, inclusive society, but a perfect start to the Holy Month of Ramadan as well. The focus this year is to raise awareness of the role of families and family policies in achieving more inclusive societies from regional perspectives.

“The entire LG family would like to encourage all families to spend quality time together this year. Families are the strongest support network in our lives and play an important role in our happiness and wellbeing. Our products may be designed to be smart, convenient and time-saving, but they are, most importantly, family-focussed,” said Yong Geun Choi, President LG Gulf.

“We are proud that our products bring families together and work to keep them healthy and well, even in stormy weather,” he added, referring to the sandstorm currently affecting many parts of the UAE. With blowing ultra-fine sand and dust particles, people are advised to stay indoors to avoid inhaling the harmful particulate matter, especially those with respiratory ailments like asthma. Families without efficient air filtration HVAC systems are encouraged to get air purifiers that ensure that homes are safe environments with good quality air for everyone. This is crucial for every member of the household, especially the very young and the elderly, who are more susceptible to the harmful effects of particulate matter.

LG’s PuriCare Air Purifiers are designed to offer the most comprehensive protection against the harmful effects of blowing sand and ultra-fine dust particles that could enter the home and cause respiratory problems. While most air purifiers provide filtration of PM 10 and 2.5, LG’s PuriCare range offers PM 1.0 filtration as well, taking care of even the minutest dust and gas particles. This comprehensive filtration protection is achieved in six steps, to ensure that you and your family breathe in only the cleanest air indoors:

Total Allergy/Dust Collection Care

Step 1: Large dust removal (PM 10)

Step 2: Dust storm/Ultra-fine dust removal (PM 2.5)

Step 3: Allergy removal

Total Harmful Gas Care

Step 4: Living environment odours, including ammonia (PM 1.0)

Step 5: Volatile Organic Compounds (PM 1.0)

Step 6: Smog compounds (PM 1.0)

LG PuriCare also offers 360° filtration and coverage to ensure your loved ones can breathe clean, particulate-free air no matter where they are in the room or home. Its Clean Boost technology further enhances the range of coverage, ensuring clean air reaches even the farthest corner of your home.

So, this International Day of Families, stay safe from the stormy weather and spend quality time with your family, with safety in knowing that your LG PuriCare Air Purifier will protect them from the harmful effects of the dust both outdoors and indoors.



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