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LG responds to the region’s evolving kitchen with the ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator



LG responds to the region’s evolving kitchen with the ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

The latest InstaView™ feature turns the opaque Door-in-Door® compartment transparent with a simple knock

Dubai, UAE: 25 September 2017 - The all-new, ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE refrigerator, which emanates from the company’s latest premium brand of home appliances and home entertainment products, now available for consumers in the region. The long-awaited LG SIGNATURE refrigerator boasts exquisite design, cutting-edge technology and pure sophistication for the region’s sensibly rich consumer.


The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator represents the visualization of essence with a fresh take that is both intuitive and revolutionary. As a nod to its innovative spirit, the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator takes LG’s award-winning Door-in-Door® design two steps further by adding an InstaView™ feature that turns the opaque Door-in-Door® compartment transparent with two quick knocks. Users can peek inside the easy access compartment without ever having to open the door and the tempered glass offers industry-leading insulation and protection.


“We are eager for the local consumer to try the LG world of luxury through the premium LG SIGNATURE line that exudes extravagance and ultimate refinement for the home,” said Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa. “The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator is a dream come true for the luxury and ultra-modern kitchen, and we are certain that the high-end consumer of the UAE will enjoy many of its unique features, especially the feature where the refrigerator’s Door-in-Door™ compartment façade turns transparent as soon as the consumers lightly knock on the door.”


With LG’s Door-in-Door® technology, users can access often-used items without having to open the entire refrigerator. The refrigerator’s ColdSaver™ Panel, a barrier between the interior compartment and the rest of the refrigerator, reduces cold air loss and helps keep food fresher longer.


Another unique and cutting-edge feature is the new Auto Open Door™ function, which offers quick, hands-free access. The addition of a smart sensor allows users to open one side of the refrigerator door automatically when hands are full with groceries. By simply stepping on the sensor at the bottom of the refrigerator, users will see an “OPEN DOOR” hologram display on the door.


The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator offers 31 cubic feet and features a diffused reflection stainless steel body and scratch-resistant textured finish that makes for an impeccable exterior design, enhancing its minimalist style to the fullest. The undeniable luster of the refrigerator elevates any kitchen with a warm and sophisticated finish that complements the décor and aesthetics of any modern kitchen space. Its interior features stainless steel throughout to help maintain optimal temperatures and help save energy.


Freshness is also locked in with the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator. In fact, the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator is powered by LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor, which automatically adjusts its cooling capacity based on conditions inside the compartment. It also generates less internal friction due to its unique design and is backed by a 10-year warranty. Featuring a thermal barrier called ‘Fresh Shield’ which uses cold air to maintain temperatures and lock in freshness, the barrier is activated when the main doors are closed. In addition to the Fresh Shield, the 3-layer Fresh Air Filter with forced air circulation and dedicated fan helps to deodorize interior air.


Finally, the versatile CustomChill™ Pantry offers different temperature settings for storing a wide range of foods from meats to fresh produce. The CustomChill™ Pantry features three different settings – Meat (-1.5℃), Deli (1℃), Produce (0-6℃).


LG SIGNATURE refrigerator is an excellent example of LG’s commitment to creating technologically advanced appliances that exude sophistication and class while conveying a sense of graceful minimalism, which echoes the refined aesthetics of the entire LG SIGNATURE brand.


LG SIGNATURE refrigerator is now available at major outlets across the UAE, KSA and Iran. All LG SIGNATURE products will be available at the LG Electronics Brand Shops across the region. For more information on the LG SIGNATURE brand, its cutting-edge products and the LG SIGNATURE Gallery, please visit LG




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