Press Release


LG’s Curved 4k OLED TV to Introduce Perfect Black, Perfect Color with Gorgeous Aesthetics


LG Electronics (LG) today announced the launch of its Art Slim (Model EG9600) in 65- and 55-inch screen sizes. Along with stunning 4K OLED picture quality, the EG9600 offers the elegant sophistication of LG’s Art Slim design philosophy with the curved screen and floating stand, which make a stylish statement and also help to enhance the viewing experience. LG’s Art Slim CURVED 4K OLED TV is the recipient of a 2015 CES Innovations Award in the Video Display category.


“A triumph of technology and design, LG’s Art Slim CURVED 4K OLED TV reinforces our commitment to leading the next generation TV market,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and Monitor division at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “Through LG’s proprietary 4K OLED technology, the EG9600 delivers a superior picture, rich in color, contrast, depth and detail. It also implements new Art Slim Curved Design with floating stand, which oozes sophistication and heightens the viewer’s sense of immersion.”


LG’s new Art Slim design concept is evident in the slender, sensually curved form and miniscule screen bezels of the EG9600. The almost-borderless display facilitates unconstrained and fully immersive viewing experiences, while the seamless merging of screen and stand produces a streamlined, ultra-modern aesthetic. Perfectly complimenting the beautiful pictures displayed on screen, the physical form of the EG9600 is visually impressive and stunning. Designed with modernist insight, the stand and frame of the product contain minimalist notes of sophistication that allows the television to blend in perfectly with its environment. 

The EG9600 has a curved, 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) OLED screen featuring LG’s 4 Color Pixel WRGB technology. Boasting 33 million sub-pixels, the advanced display produces an infinite contrast ratio and lifelike perfect colors that are virtually indiscernible from those found in nature. The screen’s self-lighting pixels provide perfect blacks and perfect colors, as well as a fast response rate that effectively eliminates motion blur. LG’s 4K OLED also offers a perfect viewing angle, allowing users to enjoy perfect quality – with no loss of color or contrast – from almost any position. Additionally, the EG9600 employs an anti-reflective film on its screen to minimize distracting reflections.


The Perfect Mastering Engine optimizes the settings of the TV to boost picture quality to premium levels and also can upscale SD, HD or Full HD content to near-4K quality. The advanced TV also has a built-in 4K High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) decoder that will ensure users’ ability to watch 4K broadcasts in the future. 

The EG9600 incorporates the ULTRA Surround system, which provides an audio performance worthy of the TV’s remarkable picture quality. It also includes webOS2.0, an upgraded version of LG’s acclaimed Smart TV platform that delivers even more fun, convenience and freedom than the original.


The EG9600 has sound designed by harman/kardon.