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Dual Heating Technology, EasyClean™ and User-Friendly Capabilities To Ensure Delicious Cooking Results and Faster Cleanup


Global home appliance leader LG Electronics is showcasing its latest state-of-the-art gas oven. The UltraHeat™ burners and Dual Heating Technology make this a hybrid oven with an electric grilling heater on top and a gas baking heater below. In addition to offering unrivaled cooking performance, the LG Gas Oven even makes cleaning easy with the innovative EasyClean™. Providing the biggest capacity available in the region, an eye-catching blue interior design and user-friendly features including an intuitive glass touch control and tilted cooktop control, this appliance is sure to become a must-have for every kitchen.


Upgraded Performance with Speedy Preheating and Quicker, Even Culinary Re-sults


The LG Gas Oven delivers excellent cooking performance thanks to the company’s cut-ting-edge kitchen technology. UltraHeat™ burners with an output of 3.3 KW emit a powerful flame that reduces cooking time while guaranteeing balanced, even cooking. Dual Heating technology also allows the oven to preheat three times faster with an elec-tric grilling heater on top and a gas baking heater below. Along with a six-pass wide grill for uniform cooking, the gas oven reduces cooking time by as much as 30%1 for a quicker yet thorough meal preparation.


Spotless Cleaning with EasyClean™


Thinking ahead to ensure convenience after cooking, the LG Gas Oven utilizes innova-tive EasyClean™ technology to reduce cleanup to just three steps. Users simply have to spray water inside the oven, press the EasyClean™ button and effortlessly wipe away the leftover residue. The EasyClean™ hydrophilic enamel coating reacts easily with wa-ter to loosen grease and charred food residue for easy wiping without chemical cleaners, even in difficult-to-reach areas. This results in a spotlessly clean oven in 10 minutes us-ing only water.


Maximum Space, Greater Flexibility


LG provides the largest capacity available in the market with the LG Gas Oven. Provid-ing 153L of space, the oven can easily fit a variety of pans or trays, with plenty of room for a large pizza or even a huge turkey. This offers flexibility for diverse cooking as us-ers can adjust racks using the 7 level guides within the oven. Consumers are no longer limited by what can fit into the oven but have the freedom to be more creative in their meals.


Ease of Use with Safe Closing Damper


The LG Gas Oven boasts a host of user-friendly features bolstering convenience and safety in the kitchen. With a top cover designed to boost safety, the oven sports a stylish yet effective Safe Closing Damper that prevents the glass top cover from slamming down. When the cover is let go, the Safe Closing Damper ensures that the cover stays in place at a 45-degree angle. Along with LG’s unique Auto-Off Timer, which presets the oven to automatically turn off at a specific time, users are not forced to constantly make sure their food does not overcook or burn. The three-layered oven glass also enables users to safely check on their cooking when the oven is in use with an outer temperature that is 10 degrees Celsius lower than that of conventional models that only have two glass layers. In addition, the cooktop comes equipped with enhanced features prioritiz-ing consumer comfort and protection as the Cast Iron Griddle can be placed anywhere on the cooktop to fry eggs or cook steaks. Moreover, six widely spaced burners allow simultaneous cooking of up to six dishes without waiting or worrying about crowded pots and pans falling from the cooktop.


“LG is renowned for its elegant kitchen solutions that prioritize consumer needs,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “LG’s newest Gas Oven enables cooks to let their creativity loose in the kitchen with the pow-erful UltraHeat™ and Dual Heating technologies. Speedy and easy oven cleanup is also guaranteed using EasyClean™, alongside many other user-friendly features designed to raise user convenience.”


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1 LG's New Gas Cooker and competing models were each tested for preheating for five minutes.


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