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LG’s Prime UHD TV Elevates Standards In The 4k Entertainment Market


LG Electronics (LG) has released the first of its 2015  premium ULTRA HD TV series in 55- and 65-inch screen sizes (Model UF9500), which is part of LG’s PRIME UHD TV lineup — a premium tier above the company’s ULTRA HD TV featuring its ColorPrime technology. Initially designed under the ‘Every Color Comes Alive’ concept, the PRIME UHD TV lineup spans three overarching themes —PRIME Picture, PRIME Design and PRIME Smart. LG’s new premium ULTRA HD TVs provides a total immersion experience, while bringing a touch of sophistication and convenience-enhancing smart functions. With premium display technologies and smart features in an elegant design, LG’s PRIME UHD TVs take the viewing experience to a whole new level.


LG’s UF9500 boasts PRIME picture quality featuring such as ColorPrime technology, ULTRA Luminance, a 4K In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and a Prime Mastering Engine to offer a truly premium, cinema-like experience. LG’s ColorPrime technology magnifies the range of colors that can be displayed on screen. It also utilizes the full color spectrum to render a wider range of hues and shades, thereby creating greater image depth and realism. ULTRA Luminance technology continuously analyzes the brightest and darkest parts of the displayed content in order to improve the extended expression range of brightness with higher peaks and enhanced contrast ratio. Equipped with LG’s 4K IPS panel, the TV renders detailed images at extremely wide viewing angles. What’s more, the Prime Mastering Engine optimizes the settings of the TV to boost picture quality to premium levels. 

In addition, the UF9500 boasts PRIME Design features. The TV looks great even when not in use, as it was designed to be compact and beautiful with the almost razor thin, 8.5mm* ULTRA Slim display. All of the excellent display features are packed into a superb CINEMA SCREEN design with an ultra-thin bezel The TV is also supported by the Auditorium Stand, which perfectly complements the overall look of the television. The stand even enhances the audio of the TV by functioning as a sound reflector to centralize the sound output.


On the sound front, LG teamed up with premium audio manufacturer Harman/Kardon to give the UF9500 a deep, rich sound system that incorporates 4.2 Ch. 60W speakers and ULTRA Surround system. The frontal-oriented Speaker creates even greater sound authenticity by firing the sound forward toward the viewer. LG’s Smart Sound Mode then automatically selects optimal sound settings to clarify and crystallize individual sound characteristics. 

The UF9500 TV also runs on LG’s webOS 2.0 Smart TV user interface, the key PRIME Smart feature. The upgraded interface now includes more useful functions while still adhering to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the original webOS. For instance, with webOS 2.0’s fast switching and new quick settings, video content can carry out additional content searches without interrupting the current viewing content. Likewise, on top of all that, booting and loading times have been improved and favorite channel can easily be added to the launch bar without having to interrupt the action already being shown.


“With our efforts to provide a stunning 4K viewing experience, we strongly believe that the UF9500 series will reinforce LG’s brand as synonymous with life-like picture quality, elegant design and convenient smart features,” said In-kyu Lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and Monitor division at LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “We are also furthering our advancement in cutting-edge, premium display technologies and convenience-enhancing TV features to place the company in a very favorable position as a global premium TV market leader.” 

LG’s PRIME UHD TV UF9500 series will have music designed by harmon/kardon and be available in the GCC from the end of April.


*8.5mm is for 65inch model (55inch model is 7.9mm)