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LG’s Guide to a More Efficient and Enjoyable Month


Dubai-UAE: 19 May 2019  Ramadan is the ideal time for families to come together and create memories at home. With iftars being an integral part of the holy month’s festivities, LG Electronics (LG) has various ways of helping homeowners prepare an array of tasty and nutritious meals with ease.


LG’s smart home appliances are designed to make life simpler, with advanced features to increase efficiency and reduce wastage. As refrigerators remain fully stocked, it is important for homeowners to keep their food fresh and reduce wastage. The Slim French Door Refrigerator (Model: GR-B34FTLHL) features Hygiene FRESH+, LG’s intelligent air filter. It works to remove up to 99.999% of bacteria and minimizes bad odors within the refrigerator.




Thanks to LG’s Multi-Air Flow, the Slim French Door Refrigerator maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels to keep food looking vibrant and tasting fresh. Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions to optimize refrigerator temperature and keep items cool. Strategically placed vents ensure that no matter where the food is stored within the refrigerator, it will have access to cool and clean air.


When it comes to preparing dishes for iftar, LG’s Gas Oven (Model: LF98V05S) features a power convection system that shortens cooking time without compromising the quality and taste of the food. With a total of 5 burners, various foods can be cooked at the same time. Its oven comes with Dual Heating for speedy pre-heating to ensure meals are prepared in time for breaking the fast.


During Ramadan, microwaves can also help homeowners cook with greater efficiency. LG’s NeoChef Microwave (Model: MS5696HIT) features the company’s Smart Inverter technology, providing precise cooking power. With precise temperature control, it can cook, reheat and defrost food faster and more evently than ever.


The NeoChef reduces cooking time for dishes, with up to 1200W of power. From heating up milk for the children up to 1.6 times faster than conventional microwave ovens, to popcorn for the family to enjoy whilst watching a series 1.5 times faster, the NeoChef microwave provides newfound speed and reliability. With just one appliance, users can even fry food and make homemade yogurt.



When its time for the family to relax, the LG QuadWash Dishwasher (Model: DFB512FW) gets to work, cleaning from every angle with its multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets. The QuadWash features EasyRack Plus, a simple racking system which can be adjusted for easy loading and maximum flexibility. The height of the upper rack can also be adjusted to three different levels for taller items.


With LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor, the QuadWash features fewer moving parts for more reliable and quiet performance. Users can simply set it in motion and relax, knowing their dishes will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for next family meal.


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