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Seven stellar features of the LG NeoChef that help you and your family eat healthy this Ramadan


Seven stellar features of the LG NeoChef that help you and your family eat healthy this Ramadan 

Eco-friendly, energy-efficient and packed with innovative features, the LG NeoChef is a comprehensive convection oven for every home cook


Dubai, UAE,7 June, 2018 — Helping families achieve their health goals is one of LG’s longstanding promises to its customers, offering a range of smart kitchen appliances that help people eat healthy, stay fit and enjoy cooking more at home. For families looking to provide healthy, tasty meals that are cooked to perfection this Ramadan, and avoid unhealthy meals ordered in, the LG NeoChef is the perfect solution. With its unbeatable array of innovative features, including a world-first yoghurt maker and Charcoal Lighting Heater™, and Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ that makes clean-up a cinch, the LG NeoChef will quickly become the star of any home kitchen.


“At LG, we aim to create solutions to meet the needs of everyone in the home. We want to help create happy family moments this Ramadan, and take care to design our appliances to be smart, convenient and time-saving, but energy-efficient, green and eco-friendly as well. The LG NeoChef is a testament to this innovative approach, leading to a more sustainable approach to life that benefits everyone, both families and the world,” said Mr Yong Guen Choi, President LG Electronics, Gulf.


The LG NeoChef offers many industry-leading features, but here are seven stellar features that help you get the most out of your ingredients and cook the best meals at home without a fuss:


The perfect charcoal grill

Everyone enjoys the flavor that charcoal imparts to food. With LG’s Charcoal Lighting Heater™, you can now enjoy the flavours, without any of the smoke or heat. The revolutionary charcoal filament provides a natural way of cooking more flavourful meals in less time, enhancing heat absorption, just like a real charcoal fire.


Cook healthy and lean

The LG NeoChef’s Healthy Roasting and Fry settings allow you to prepare dishes by retaining flavor and eliminating unhealthy fat. The Healthy Fry function reduces fat from dishes by up to 72% and the Healthy Roasting function gives a benefit of 72g fat loss, compared to the conventional model. This means you use less oil and don’t need to deep fry your foods!


The family dinner

There is nothing quite like a family gathering around a delicious dinner. With LG’s Smart Inverter technology, you get precise cooking power to heat, reheat and defrost a wide range of foods. But more importantly, this gives you more precise temperature control to cook the perfect roast, evenly searing and crisping food to perfection, which most conventional microwave ovens cannot do.


The do-it-all oven

The LG NeoChef is as versatile as its smart design suggests. Just this one appliance can fry, warm, bake, function as a microwave and, also make yoghurt! With a world-first setting for fermenting milk for yoghurt , the LG NeoChef lets you make yoghurt at home for the whole family to enjoy.


Speed and power

The LG NeoChef not just gives users even heating, but speed and power as well. Heat up your beverages, popcorn or even leftover meals much faster than normal convection microwave ovens. The 1200W of power ensures that even your fresh meals are cooked faster.


Smart uniform heating

Every dish has a different optimal temperature. A slice of pizza is very different from a mug of coffee. Thanks to LG’s Smart Inverter, heat is distributed evenly in the LG NeoChef, allowing for even heat distribution. This is particularly important for defrosting meats, but with the LG NeoChef, you can rest assured that your ingredients will be defrosted to the optimal temperature, evenly, for the best cooking experience.


Clean-up made simple

LG has not only made the cooking process easier, but made clean-up a cinch too, with the LG NeoChef. With the Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior coating, all it takes is a few wipes to clean the microwave’s interior. The coating eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria that adhere to the surface.


Special Ramadan offers are available for those who wish to purchase one of the three models of the LG NeoChef that include gifts vouchers of: AED 100/- (for model MS2336GIB) AED 150/- (for model MH6336GIB) and AED 500/- (for model MJ3965ACS).


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