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State-of-the-Art Living with LG SIGNATURE



DUBAI, July 28, 2019  Since launching in the GCC in 2017, LG’s premium home appliance brand, LG SIGNATURE has gone on to redefine luxury living for homeowners across the region.


Through a careful blend of style and functionality, LG SIGNATURE meets the demands of the discerning consumer of today, who expects high quality workmanship, seamlessly intertwined with innovative technologies.


From the initial design phase, LG SIGNATURE products are treated differently. Typically undergoing three times the amount of manpower spent on R&D in comparison with other home appliances, the end-user and enhanced living remain at the forefront of each product’s build.


With an exclusive product lineup, LG SIGNATURE appliances are carefully crafted, undergoing a strict, in-depth evaluation process. Unlike conventional manufacturing, in which a select few appliances are evaluated, every LG SIGNATURE appliance is assessed against a wide range of criteria, with more tests than regular products. They are also produced in limited quantities on a dedicated production line, ensuring quality workmanship remains at the heart of each appliance.


The company’s LG SIGNATURE InstaView refrigerators are produced at a rate of 25 units per day, compared with 500 units for generic model production. Similarly, whilst a conventional factory produces over 1000 washing machines a day, LG SIGNATURE builds just 20 of its advanced TWINWash machines.


The LG SIGNATURE TWINWASH has completely reinvented laundry at home. Featuring a main washer drum and the unique TWINWash Mini pedestal washer, it can clean two loads of clothing at the same time. Built to help homeowners be more efficient with their daily tasks, the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash is also designed to look the part and integrate into any living space with ease.


As with all LG SIGNATURE appliances, the TWINWash has undergone great efforts to ensure it remains true to the brand’s objective of minimalist design. Both elegance and durability are achieved through the use of premium quality materials, such as the machine’s black door with tempered glass and enamel coating, each of which have undergone numerous tests before heading to market. Quality tests are conducted for all products, at more than twice the rate of conventional appliances, providing consumers with confidence in the premium nature of the brand.


The TWINWash’s black door and enamel coating are also being highly practical in nature. They ensure that the washing machine is corrosion and scratch-proof, whilst also benefitting from being easy to clean.


In addition to the TWINWash washing machine and InstaView refrigerator, the LG SIGNATURE brand also consists of an air purifier and the company’s OLED TV, with advanced AI capabilities for added convenience and ease of operation. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV features Arabic language voice recognition and a Home Dashboard for users to control other appliances at the touch of a button. LG SIGNATURE provides consumers with new ways to experience smart living, using more intuitive, responsive and functional home appliances that also look the part.


LG SIGNATURE products are also integrated with LG’s SmartThinQ mobile platform, which enables users to operate their appliances directly from their devices.


Testament to this, LG SIGNATURE products have collectively garnered more than 85 accolades and awards at CES 2019 – noted for their ability to blend style and innovation.


The LG SIGNATURE brand prides itself upon the philosophy that art inspires technology, fusing style and innovation to reimagine the possibilities of creative living. Smart, elegant design and unrivalled artistic flair remain integral to each home appliance, carefully perfected as timeless works of art to compliment the modern home of today. 


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