Cosmopolitan Hotel

LG Provides incredible cooling solutions for your business, discover how Cosmopolitan Hotel Dubai were satisfied with the unbeatable customer service. Learn about this service features below.
  • The Cosmopolitan Hotel is a brand new hotel that will open its doors during the second quarter of 2012. The hotel has 114 rooms and is located in Al Barsha, close to the Mall of Emirates - one of the largest malls in the UAE which houses the world’s biggest indoor ski slope - and is within walking access to the metro station

  • The three main benefits of the HVAC system that the Cosmopolitan Hotel were looking for when creating their designs were systems with great energy savings; lowest maintenance and running costs; and eco-friendliness. Commenting on the local temperatures and seasonal conditions, Daniel Hajjar, Project Operation Manager at Cosmopolitan Hotel, said “In the UAE, where temperatures hit 50 degrees in summer with 100 percent humidity, it is essential for us as a hotel to have an HVAC system that is consistent and reliable. The air conditioning is as important as your bed in a country such as the UAE.” One of the bigger challenges with the design was to ensure that the HVAC units delivered not only supreme cooling, but did so in an eco-friendly manner. Also, the solution had to be extremely energy efficient and have built-in “flexibility. Of course, long term support and maintenance was considered a prerequisite, along with meaningful warranties and guaranteed cost savings.

  • The LG system provided energy efficiency units within reasonable noise levels and lower total cost of ownership in parallel to the best design solutions notably the capability to have Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) compressors connected to Air Handling Units (AHU). LG Multi V units were installed with a five year warranty on spare parts, and a seven year warranty on compressors. According to comparison studies made by the engineers, Multi V has a lower power consumption and easiest installation compared to its competitors. The criteria for selecting the best solution were assessed in terms of overall design and specially on the “flexibility of the Outdoor Units (ODU) and the Indoor Units (IDU), power consumption and larger per-unit capacity. The ability to answer all of these needs resulted in the decision to use LG Multi V; a solution which also delivers the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with competitors’ models. MULTI V II systems installed at the site comprise 59 outdoor units as well as 173 indoor units. The total capacity of the system is 1,678kW.

  • The benefits of the LG Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system are the energy efficiency of the units and that there are in line with the aesthetic design of the hotel. The solution also provided reduced noise output allowing people to work without distraction, with indoor units that can operate at as low as 23dB(A) to provide a comfortable environment, this allows guests to sleep peacefully and in a comfortable environment in the heart of Dubai. Provided Style and Greater Efficiency to the Hotel Due to the LG Multi V system recently installed, the design provide a "air of style to the hotel and allows the air conditioning sense, manage and switch to provide comfortable room temperatures during seasonal changes that can reach over 50 degrees Celsius in the summer months and 20c in winter. The product has greater continuous cooling capabilities and operable range than other existing products, enabling better functionality under the most difficult circumstances. The improved operation range has been extended by employing an enhanced inverter compressor and superior control technology. The LG Multi V system significantly reduces energy consumption to levels previously unattainable by non- VRF systems and develops high performance, sustainable buildings that will increase building value.