BECON controller

LG offers consumer electronics to make life good. Discover how BECON Controller uses intelligent technology with sleek designs. Learn about the product features below.
  • Pre-loaded Energy Control Logic

    • Pre-loaded the optimized HVAC energy saving control logic library
    • Peak management by priority control and volume control
    • Heat source control corresponding load increase/decrease
  • Connectivity and Integration with Equipment

    • Equipment integration : HVAC, Electricity, Lighting, etc
    • Supporting demand control system
    • Supporting standard protocols- BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, etc
  • Modulized Scalability

    • Cost-effectiveness system integration with main and expand modules
  • Stable Networking

    • Dynamic and variable communication mechanism
    • Supporting various communication media. e.g. Ethernet, RS-485, Lon, etc
  • Self-diagnosis System

    • Communication status & network analysis
    • CPU and memory diagnosis
    • Control point diagnosis