Passengers Says Passengers Says

Passengers Says

What passengers need is up-to-date information delivered with clear visibility.
  • When it comes to user experiences, swift access to accurate information is one of the most crucial elements. With visitors coming in and out around the clock and searching for the right transportation (Passenger) information from every corner of departure halls, boarding gates and arrivals, delivering up-to-date information with clear visibility becomes an important part of satisfying a traveler’s basic needs.

IT Directors Says IT Directors Says

IT Directors Says

I need durability, stability and reliability for long term use. Compatibility is also important for easy integration into the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Choosing a stable digital signage is everything when it comes to dealing with IT advances and economical long term use. Digital signage must be compatible with other devices and systems and be installed easily as the IT infrastructure and network system within a company are connected in very complicated ways.

Why LG Information Display

LG Electronics provides digital signage solutions for public transportation to enhance the experience for both the users and the transportation service providers. LG Electronics is constantly looking ahead, challenging its employees to come up with more innovative, more exciting solutions to improve consumers’ lives.

LG Electronics can provide screens from 500 to 3,000cd/m² brightness, empowered by its unique in-plane switching (IPS) panel technology, which enables 24/7 operation. Thanks to IPS technology, LG’s displays execute accurate hue and brightness regardless of the viewer’s angle, ensuring travelers can see information from any part of a long queue to timely prepare next procedures like check-in, customs clearance. Also, with LG's product reliability, global partnerships, and global service network, you could not only efficiently control/manage the displays and its information in a timely manner, but also engage with passengers by displaying attention-grabbing videos and images for commercial purposes.

Case Studies

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    Venice Airport, Italy

  • Transportation

    Sheremetyevo International Airport

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