Al Kazem Tower

LG Provides incredible cooling solutions for your business, discover how Al Kazem Tower Doha were satisfied with the unbeatable customer service. Learn about this service features below.
  • Al Kazem Tower is a state of the art, mixed use building located in Doha, the capital of Qatar and the richest nation in the world as determined by the share of GDP per head and the future host of the 2022 World Cup. With the skyline featuring many prominent buildings, it is often referred to as Manhattan with sand. The Al Kazem Tower is located in the heart of Qatar and houses several high profile office and government entities such as the Ministry of Information and six consulates including Italy, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. It spans over 6,500 square meters with ten floors. For over 17 years Al Kazem Group, one of the leading holding companies for contracting and trading in Qatar, has maintained a close relationship with LG due to a history of a successful projects and trust. LG products including Multi V have been used in the majority of Al Kazem Group projects, most recently in the Ameera Gardens compound which consists of 51 villas and 12 apartments.

  • The original project design for the tower consisted of a chiller system however this was enhanced to provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without compromising essential elements such as air quality, energy-efficiency and convenient maintenance, all critical for a country where the temperature often surpasses 45 degrees Celsius. Occupants of Al Kazem Tower were having concerns regarding the facilities on the premises malfunctioning at peak performance in the sweltering desert heat. They were conscious that such services might impact the environment and energy efficiency, as well as maintaining cost effectiveness. Mohamed Kazem Al Ansari, Chairman, Development Consultant Engineer believed that “with the current technology, customers are satisfied with cooling performances, however the search for a versatile system that is eco-efficient and reduces costs is a difficult task.”

  • Following market research and testing by Al Kazem Group, the results indicated conclusively that a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system was the most appropriate solution to address Al Kazem Group’s needs for the tower. The LG Multi V units provided the best results for energy efficiency, capacity, and cooling plus decreased actual electrical load consumption due to partial loading of Multi V system. It was in fact the only system that was able to maintain 100 percent cooling capacity even in temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius and achieved greater energy efficiency than its competitors. MULTI V II systems installed at the site comprise 68 outdoor units as well as 130 indoor units. The total capacity of the system is 1,904kW.

  • The LG Multi V units surpassed expectations delivering energy savings up to 40 percent thanks to their high Coefficient of Performance (Cooling COP 4.27). The compact size of Multi V units also provided an added bonus, as they offered reduced installation space and piping length over competitor products. This contributed to an additional 20 to 30 percent saving in total cost of ownership. Additionally, from the previous testing Multi V also proved to have unmatched 3 stage air filtration systems when compared to its competitors, enabling it to generate cleaner, purer air and cut down on maintenance requirements. Mohamed Kazem Al Ansari, Chairman, Development Consultant Engineer conducted several tests and the results were conclusive that Multi V was the exceptional solution to provide the best cooling, be the most energy efficient, and would lower our running costs. He stated “we are 100 happy and satisfied with the installed units and level of support LG provided us with. Once the product was introduced and explained to us, we knew that it was the best solution for the project and we are very delighted to have gone for this choice. ”support LG provided us with. Once the product was introduced and explained to us, we knew that it was the best solution for the project and we are very delighted to have gone for this choice.”