• LG strives to offer customers the most innovative HVAC solutions in performance and design. In July and August, we took the opportunity to talk with LG engineers about the development process of the LG DUAL Vane Cassette and the LG Round Cassette. We were able to gain some interesting insight into how these innovations came to fruition. Each of these units offers unique benefits to building owners, installers and end users alike. We'd like to delve into the advantages of each of these products and explore how different types of customers and environments are benefiting from them.

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  • Split the Difference

    To better understand these products, it will be helpful to make an important distinction between single split and multi split solutions. If you're a regular reader of our blog, you're likely quite familiar with the various single split and multi split solutions offered by LG. In essence, the difference between the two types of solutions is simple. A single split solution has a single outdoor unit connected to a single indoor unit. A multi split solutions has a single outdoor unit that is able to connect to and operate multiple indoor units. We will be looking at the DUAL Vane Cassette single split and Round Cassette single split solutions today.

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Dual Vane technology offers more diverse airflow for improved comfort and performance
  • The DUAL Vane Difference

    The most unique aspect about the DUAL Vane solution is its ability to provide airflow that is customizable to the needs of any space. The proprietary vane technology and the powerful 3D fan allow the DUAL Vane to cover wider areas, reach even farther and deliver more diverse airflow options. The full 3D turbo fan enables power mode to reach target temperatures even faster. This powerful fan incorporated with 2 individual vanes from the unique Dual Vane technology allow this unit to provide cool air all the way to the floor even when installed on ceilings as high as 5 meters. This feature makes the DUAL Vane ideal for large lobbies, auditoriums and conference halls. Indirect airflow provided by the LG's airflow control system can also evenly maintain comfortable temperatures without blowing cold air directly at building occupants in spaces such as offices or hospitals.

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The advanced full 3D turbo fan gives the DUAL Vane more power and precise control
  • Smart sensor technology also elevates performance when it comes to efficiency and comfort. Sensors can detect the temperature on the floor surface to ensure even distributed heating and cooling. The system can also detect whether a space is occupied and turn off to conserve energy. All of these feature combined with comprehensive 5-step air purification ensure efficiency, comfort and a healthy environment.

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The LG Round Cassette is the pinnacle of elegant HVAC design
  • Round Cassette Convenience and Style

    When it comes to luxurious and refined HVAC designs, the Round Cassette unsurpassed in elegance and style. The exquisite round shape design, compact form factor and clean color scheme makes the Round Cassette ideal for any luxurious indoor space. These units elevate the style of any type of space including cafes, retail shops and up-scale commercial spaces. But the Round Cassette is more than just a pretty face. It's circular shape eliminates blind spots for more effective airflow coverage. Crystal Vane technology also offers 6 levels of airflow for even more precise cooling and 30% faster cooling to shorten the time it takes to reach the target temperature. With lower noise emission, the Round Cassette is even ideal for quite spaces such as libraries.

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Bundled condensate and refrigerant piping makes installation and maintenance easier
  • The Round Cassette is even more convenient to install and maintain. The condensate drainage pipe and refrigerant piping are bundled together and the control box is located outside the unit, making it easier and safer for installers and technicians to install access. The LG Round Cassette is the ideal solution for luxury and comfort.

  • Both of these single spit solutions represent the innovation and expertise LG provides to customers and the HVAC market. For more information about the DUAL Vane Cassette, the Round Cassette or other single split solutions from LG, don't hesitate to visit :

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