• Whether building a new residential housing complex or refurbishing an existing facility, the HVAC system is one of the most important factors to consider. HVAC systems can consume more energy and take up more space than any other system in a facility. For the efficiency, flexibility and convenient control required from an HVAC system in a luxury residential facility, LG HVAC solutions provide the systems administrators need. Let’s take a look at what LG HVAC systems provide for residential applications that set them apart in the industry.

LG's Multi V 5 LG's Multi V 5
The LG Multi V 5 provides energy efficiency through innovative components and operation
  • Superior Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency and cost reduction is often the first thing that comes to mind when installing an HVAC system. The unparalleled efficiency of LG HVAC solutions reduces costs through innovative components and functionality. Solutions such as the LG Multi V 5 are embedded with LG’s proprietary Ultimate Inverter Compressor and not only provide more precise temperature settings but also reach target temperatures faster with variable-speed compression. Variable-speed compression delivers high-speed operation and lower power consumption and allows units to only use the precise amount of energy required to meet the set temperature. In addition, Smart Load Control can reduce costs through smart management of refrigerant temperatures based on the ambient temperature outside. This ensures more efficient operation and more comfortable occupants. Environmentally friendly solutions such as the LG ERV is able to use heat produced in the heating and cooling process and the Hydro Kit can reutilize waste heat for the supply of hot water.

Piping length 1,000m Total piping length 225m Longest piping length 110m Height between ODU-IDU 40m Height between IDU-IDU Piping length 1,000m Total piping length 225m Longest piping length 110m Height between ODU-IDU 40m Height between IDU-IDU
Longer piping designs allow for more flexible and effective installation configurations
  • Flexible Designs for Flexible Installation

    In luxury high-rise apartment buildings, managing installation and configuration of HVAC systems presents considerable challenges. More compact and larger capacity outdoor units not only make installation more convenient but also allow for more efficient use of space in the facility. Flexible piping designs also eliminate the need to install units on mid-level floors. Multi V 5 supercooling circuit and refrigerant control technologies allows for systems designs that have the longer piping lengths that can reach all floors in a high-rise building from the rooftop of ground floor. Streamlined indoor unit designs offered by the 1 way cassette and ArtCool units also fit cleanly into any interior for the utmost in luxury installations.

Hand controlling a thermostat Hand controlling a thermostat
Comprehensive control makes system monitoring and management efficient and convenient
  • Comprehensive Control

    Smart, convenient and reliable system control makes all the difference in effective and efficient climate management. Multi V 5 energy management is able to analyze data and forecast energy consumption to prevent the system from exceeding monthly energy consumption planning. Control can also be scheduled and automated based on factors such as compressor capacity and indoor unit operation so users can effectively monitor and manage energy usage at any time. Integration with a building’s BMS also makes monitoring and control even more convenient while reducing overall energy costs. Additionally, smart individual controllers provide information including temperature, humidity and air quality, which allows end users with real-time management of climate control and energy consumption. Integrated connectivity with applications such as LG MV also makes maintenance and service faster and more convenient for installers and technicians. Service technicians can access equipment operation information and easily assess issues with the system even before a problem occurs. Everyone benefits with comprehensive monitoring and control systems.

    Managing an HVAC system can be a challenge for administrators of luxury residential complexes, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. LG HVAC solutions are delivering the efficiency, flexibility and control for total residential HAVC solutions.

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