• Over the past century, HVAC systems have changed and evolved in many different ways. They’ve become more effective, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. These systems that impact most of our lives go a long way to keep us comfortable and safe in diverse climates all around the world. But as HVAC systems have evolved, the need for accessories to accompany these systems has also emerged over the years. From brackets and wind deflectors to smart controllers and antibacterial solutions, these accessories improve the performance and effectiveness of HVAC systems and make life more convenient for us. Let’s explore a few HVAC system accessories that improve HVAC installations.

  • Outdoor Environments

VRF built in outdoor. VRF built in outdoor.
  • Outdoor Unit Covers and Windscreens

    When the weather turns cold, we turn our air conditioners off. But even when air conditioners aren’t in use, outdoor units are exposed to the elements. Falling leaves, freezing rain, snow and ice can collect and cause damage and weaken the performance of outdoor units over time. A cover or windscreen that goes over your air conditioner outdoor unit in the winter can protect the unit from the elements and make preparing your air conditioner for the summer easier. By simply putting a cover over your outdoor unit when the weather gets cold, you can save yourself time and money with an air conditioner that will last longer and work more effectively.

LG VRF Products. LG VRF Products.
  • AC Brackets

    Each HVAC installation has a unique environment and unique requirements. When an outdoor unit is installed, building owners and HVAC engineers must work together to find the best location for installation. For aesthetic or practical reasons, an installation may require that an outdoor unit be installed off the ground. In these cases, an AC bracket can be used to fasten the unit to the building and elevate the unit off the ground. A bracket can be attached to the building and the unit can be securely positioned on the bracket, leaving more ground space for the exterior and allowing the unit to be kept off the ground when the environment requires it. These brackets can provide more freedom in exterior design and use of space.

  • Indoor Environment

Airconditioner with and without air deflectors Airconditioner with and without air deflectors
  • Wind Deflectors

    An indoor unit with powerful and effective airflow is important, but we’ve all experienced the chilling discomfort of being in direct fire of an air conditioner vent. An air conditioner must deliver powerful airflow to ensure that everyone in a space is comfortable, but for those directly under a vent, it can be very uncomfortable. Wind deflectors are installed in front of vents and act to limit direct airflow so that nobody has to suffer a constant cold stream of air blowing directly at them. In the case of the LG DUAL Vane Cassette, wind deflectors are built into the indoor unit and can be controlled with 6 different settings, providing a customizable cooling experience.

DUAL Vane with Safe Plus Insulation. DUAL Vane with Safe Plus Insulation.
  • HVAC UV Lights

    While providing indoor comfort, air conditioners can also provide filtration and ventilation to deliver cleaner and fresher air. UV light air disinfectant solutions can eliminate viruses and bacteria from the surfaces of indoor unit components to mitigate the distribution of these particles into the air. These solutions are integral in providing safer indoor environments. LG now provides Safe Plus Insulation, an optional application to internal insulation components in LG HVAC devices to prevent the growth of mold and provide cleaner, fresher airflow.

LG ThinQ LG ThinQ
  • Smart Controllers

    Comprehensive control solutions for HVAC systems are a relatively recent development that has come onto the scene with the emergence of AI and IoT technology. These control systems give users centralized access to monitoring and control of their HVAC systems to maximize the comfort, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their heating and cooling systems. The LG ThinQ solution allows consumers to control their HVAC systems and other appliances directly from their mobile devices and monitor system performance in real-time. These types of smart control solutions have truly revolutionized how we think about and interact with our HVAC systems. If you haven’t experienced this type of system control before, it’s certainly worth looking into.

    These accessories not only help our HVAC systems keep us comfortable but also make them more effective and efficient. To get the most out of your HVAC system, explore some of the innovative options offered by complementary accessories offered on the HVAC market.

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