• Indoor air is generally been found to be 2 to 10 times more polluted than the airoutdoors, according to the US EPA. Airborne chemicals that come from elementssuch as building materials, mold and even furniture combined with poor ventilationresult in unhealthy air quality levels within buildings. While these harmful chemicalsoften go undetected in many buildings, the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute(GEI) was established to offer certification programs that ensure the efficacy ofproducts in reducing emissions of these harmful chemicals. LG is proud to have itsDUAL Vane Cassette to be the first industrial HVAC system to receive GREENGUARDGold Certification. But what is GREENGUARD certification and how is itmaking our indoor environments healthier and safer? Let’s learn more aboutthis organization and how the LG DUAL Vane Cassette was able to achievecertification.

A logo of UL and a person holding a small tree with a butterfly on it. A logo of UL and a person holding a small tree with a butterfly on it.
  • What is the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute?

    The GEI was established by an indoor air quality advocate know as Air QualitySciences in the early 2000s and acquired by UL Environment in 2001. TheGREENGUARD Certification Program has established test methods that focus on 4distinct groups of products: (1) Building materials, furniture and furnishings (2)Electronic equipment (3) cleaning and maintenance products (4) Medical devices forbreathing gas pathways. Since 2002, the criteria for GREENGUARD certificationhave been used as the basis for LEED certification in low-emitting furniture.GREENGUARD Certification Standards are some of the most stringent in the world,so when a product is certified by the GEI, we can rest assured that it lives up to itsclaims as a healthier and safer product.

Certificate of Compliance from GREENGUARD Certificate of Compliance from GREENGUARD
GREENGUARD certification is a symbol of healthier and safer indoor quality standards
  • What Does GREENGUARD Certification Mean?

    People spend approximately 90% of their time indoors and the majority of everydayexposure to airborne chemicals occurs in homes, schools, offices and other indoorenvironments. These airborne chemicals are commonly referred to as volatileorganic compounds (VOCs). In any given indoor environment, there may beanywhere from 50 to hundreds of individual VOCs present. The majority of theseVOCs are not readily detectable, but they may cause irritation to the eyes, nose andthroat, and can even be responsible for more serious chronic diseases, includingcancer. This is why GREENGUARD Certification is so important in mitigatingexposure to these chemicals. When using a GEI certified product, we createhealthier indoor environments and GREENGUARD Certification is instrumental inraising the standard for indoor air quality.

Airflow from DUAL Vane Cassette at a retail shop Airflow from DUAL Vane Cassette at a retail shop
With GREENGUARD Gold Certification, the LG DUAL Vane Cassette is the first of its kind
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification for the DUAL Vane Cassette

    "As an industrial HVAC system, a product like the LG DUAL Vane cassette can notonly make up a large percentage of energy consumption in a building, it can alsocontribute to the distribution of harmful chemicals in a space. But GREENGUARDGold Certification ensures that the DUAL Vane Cassette has beenthoroughly tested for the emission of harmful indoor air pollutants. The air conditioner unit was tested for VOC, particle and ozone emissions against thestringent standards of the GEI. The DUAL Vane Cassette was found to meet all theemission level criteria of the GREENGUARD Certification program for both short-term and long-term usage. As the first industrial HVAC to solution to receiveGREENGUARD Certification, LG considers this a point of pride."

  • HVAC systems are now an essential part of day-to-day life for many of us aroundthe world and LG is happy to deliver solutions that create healthier environmentsfor customers. GREENGUARD Gold Certification for the LG DUAL VaneCassette is just the beginning for healthier and more ethical solutionsfrom LG.

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