• Since early 2020, many of us have had our lives altered drastically and people are spending more time at home than ever. Due to policies and concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are now using our homes as our offices, gyms and nearly everything under the sun. While we’ve adapted our homes to meet our needs during the pandemic, some of us may have neglected to ensure our homes stay safe and healthy with clean and fresh air. LG is offering solutions such as the LG Air Purification Kit that can manage air quality to suit our need while social distancing at home.

    According to the COVID-19 Community Mobility Report1, which tracks locations people visit and how long they stay there, people are spending more time home since February 2020. Due to this fact, the number of factors that contribute to poor air quality is also increasing. Cooking more at home adds to the amount of harmful gases and particulates that are released into the air2. Also, at-home workouts can increase the amount of carbon dioxide that builds up in a house. Once all these factors add up, the places where we’re spending most of our time might be unhealthy for us. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help us create a healthier environment at home with fresh and clean air.

Image of the 5 steps of filtration and the logo of LG. Image of the 5 steps of filtration and the logo of LG.
5-step filtration ensures fresh and clean indoor air
  • LG HVAC solutions are able to efficiently improve air quality and provide a healthier at-home lifestyle. LG indoor units like the DUAL Vane Cassette are known for their sleek design and outstanding performance, but they are also able to ensure healthy indoor air with effective air purification when equipped with the LG Air Purification Kit. The Air Purification Kit has a powerful 5-step filtration system that includes a pre-filter, dust electrification stage, ultra-fine dust filter, deodorization filter and an ionizer. This filtration system is able to eliminate 99.9% of PM1.0 particles in the air and mitigate the proliferation of bacteria and allergens. The kit can be fitted inside the cassette, which makes installation easy and doesn’t impact the overall size of the indoor unit.

Image of a smartphone controlling an air conditioner with LG ThinQ. Image of a smartphone controlling an air conditioner with LG ThinQ.
LG ThinQ connectivity makes air quality management more convenient and effective
  • Beyond air filtration and purification, LG also offers LG ThinQ connectivity that allows any LG appliance to be controlled and monitored through the app. Users can conveniently monitor the air quality within their home from anywhere, even while they’re away from the house. They are then able to control the HVAC system to implement air purification when needed. The DUAL Vane Cassette also has an LED indicator that notifies the user of the current indoors air quality, providing a quick and convenient monitoring service.

    While we take measures to stay safe and are spending more time at home, the air quality in our houses often gets neglected. But LG HVAC solutions make maintaining healthy air and a healthy home more convenient and effective. Make the most of your time at home with LG air purification.

  • 1. Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Report shows the percentage change in visits and length of stay at different places from a given baseline which refers to days before pandemic outbreak. The dataset is collected from 131 country between February 15 and December 25, 2020.

    2. During exercise, human body tissues consume more oxygen than they do at rest. Consuming more oxygen means producing more carbon dioxide because metabolic rate is elevated. The ratio of carbon dioxide produced per oxygen consumed also increases during exercise because a shift from fat to carbohydrate utilization takes place.

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