• While residential and commercial HVAC systems serve the same purpose of climate control and ventilation, the scale and structure of these system types can be much different. The environment in which a system is much operated dictates the type of system and type of components required. As we explore different types of HVAC systems based on where they’re installed, we’ll allow you, the reader, to see these installation types first hand through the LG Virtual Showroom. Join us as we explore some commercial and residential HVAC installations and see how each space has unique requirements.

Residential HVAC

Residential HVAC Residential HVAC
The Multi V S is compact and lightweight for easier and flexible installation in residential applications
  • Apartment

    In a residential apartment, each housing unit typically has its own independent HVAC system that handles heating and cooling. The outdoor unit of the HVAC system needs to be compact in order to fit into smaller installation environments. The LG Multi V S is the ideal solution for individual apartments with a compact and lightweight form factor that offers advantages when it comes to performance and design. With Dual Sensing Control, this solution is able to detect both temperature and humidity for more effective and more comfortable climate control. A single outdoor unit can operate multiple indoor units throughout an apartment and can be controlled remotely with ThinQ connectivity.

Product image of Therma V and a hot tub. Product image of Therma V and a hot tub.
The Therma V solution uses new and renewable energy to provide heating, cooling and hot water
  • Single Family Home

    An individual home required effective climate control just like anywhere else, but homeowners are more conscious about reducing overall energy costs. While homeowners are interested in compact designs, they may also prefer options that take advantage of new and renewable energy sources for improved efficiency. The LG Therma V is an Air to Water Heat Pump (AWHP) solution that is ideal for space heating, floor heating, cooling and hot water supply. This innovative solution utilizes natural energy from outdoor air for 75% of its energy consumption, allowing it to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize energy costs. Comprehensive control and connectivity also help to monitor and further reduce energy consumption.

Commercial HVAC

  • Office Applications

    Offices spaces require powerful heating and cooling capabilities with a unit operation that is customizable for each space. An HVAC system in an office building must deliver on performance while reducing high energy costs across each space. The LG Multi V 5 has streamlined performance and delivers the unparalleled comfort demanded by an office environment. The large capacity LG Multi V 5 outdoor units are actually more compact than ever before and make for more flexible installation. Powered by LG’s Ultimate Inverter Compressor, this solution is more efficient and offers more compressor reliability. Simultaneous heating and cooling across multiple rooms and spaces also ensure comfort while smarter operation ensures efficient climate control.

Product image of Multi V Water IV. Product image of Multi V Water IV.
The LG Multi V Water IV water-cooled VRF system ensures comfort and efficiency in high-rise buildings
  • High-Rise Office Buildings

    High-rise offices present unique challenges for HVAC system control and operation. These large facilities demand high efficiency and comprehensive control systems for effective climate control along with reliable operation and reduced energy consumption. Solutions such as the LG Multi V Water IV provide efficient and economical water-cooled VRF operation in any outdoor conditions with longer piping capabilities to reach a wider range of floors. Leveraging of the heat recovery system between the outdoor and indoor units also provides additional energy savings. In addition, high-rise facilities require effective energy management such as is provided by the LG BECON energy management solution. LG BECON delivers better energy efficiency across a facility with comprehensive monitoring and analysis for optimized system control.

Image of 2 retail shops comparing when using and not using a Multi V M product. Image of 2 retail shops comparing when using and not using a Multi V M product.
The Multi V M’s low noise emission and hidden heat exchanger make this unit ideal for retail spaces
  • Retail

    In a retail store comfort and design are key to creating the optimal shopping environment for customers. Both the interior and exterior aesthetics are important in highlighting the image of a shop. With the LG Multi V M, creating the perfect aesthetic while keeping customers comfortable has never been easier. The flexible installation with a hidden heat exchanger of the Multi V M ensures customers are comfortable without disturbing the atmosphere of the space. This solution is really ideal for retail spaces where outdoor units must be installed indoors and where rooftop space is unavailable. Along with flexible installation, the Multi V M has low-rated noise emission, which allows the outdoor unit to be installed within the storage space without disrupting the shopping experience. As many as 10 indoor units can be connected to the Multi V M and longer pipe length capabilities make it possible to install this solution in larger spaces as well.

Image of how Multi V and Hydro Kit is installed in a building. Image of how Multi V and Hydro Kit is installed in a building.
The LG Hydro Kit utilizes waste heat to supply hot water throughout hotels
  • Hotels

    Hotels require complex HVAC systems that can ensure comfort across many diverse spaces while also delivering top-notch efficiency. With unique spaces including guest rooms, lobbies, atriums, spas and conference rooms, hotels need the power of LG Multi V 5 as well as added efficiency delivered only with the LG Hydro Kit and Heat Recovery Unit. When coupled with the Multi V 5, the Hydro Kit adds an efficient hot water supply to heating and cooling operations. The Hydro Kit and Heat Recovery system are able to harness waste heat from the HVAC system and supply hot water to showers, pools and spas in a hotel. This combined system configuration reduces energy costs while ensuring the comfort of guests and staff.

    As we’ve reviewed these different system types and how LG systems are meeting each of the needs presented in each type of space, we hope you can more clearly what sets this system types apart. Smaller residential systems can still deliver power and performance while larger commercial systems can still provide optimal efficiency across complex system structures.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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