• When a product is designed, performance can often be sacrificed for aesthetic or comfort sacrificed for convenience. But LG has encompassed all of these elements into one dynamic unit. The LG Round Cassette is proving its superb performance particularly in spaces with high or exposed ceilings. This superb cassette offers unique benefits especially to cafes, restaurants, high-end department stores and hotels with trendy interiors.

Product image of Round Cassette in woods. Product image of Round Cassette in woods.
LG round cassettes is an ideal choice for superb interior design and performance
  • Premium Design: Optimal Design for Optimal Performance

    The ceiling design of a space plays a crucial role in the overall interior aesthetic and designers pay great attention to what ceiling cassette they should install to suit the needs of each space. A ceiling mounted cassette becomes an important part of a room’s interior. The new LG Round Cassette, the winner of the 2019 Red Dot Design Award, delivers a sophisticated design that adds to a refined interior.

Product image of Round Cassette in a café. Product image of Round Cassette in a café.
Design and Performance keeps the LG Round Cassette turning heads
  • The LG Round Cassette outclasses competing products in not only design but also in performance. Conventional round cassette type indoor units implement 3 separate air outlets that disperse air in 3 directions and create blind spots. However, the new LG Round Cassette minimizes the junctions in the circular vent for a thoroughly distributed airflow without blind spots. Users can also implement the Crystal Vanes for 6-step precision control to distribute cool or warm air to wherever it is needed. This configuration is twice as precise as the 3-stage airflow control offered by other round cassettes. LG conducted extensive air chamber tests to ensure that the perfectly circular and precise airflow control allows for 30% faster cooling over other circular cassettes on the market. Even with this exceptional performance, the operating noise emission level of the LG Round Cassette is only 39dB(A), which is lower than that of a typical library at 40dB(A). These features make the LG Round Cassette suitable for any environment but that not all this unit provides for customers.

Product image of Round Cassette installed on the ceiling. Product image of Round Cassette installed on the ceiling.
The LG Round Cassette is ideal for open ceiling designs
Product image of Round Cassette comparing size with other brand. Product image of Round Cassette comparing size with other brand.
The LG Round Cassette compact design offers advantages when aesthetic is crucial to a space
  • Comfortable Air Flow: The Perfect Fit

    By reducing the height of the product, the LG Round Cassette maximizes the openness of a space once it has been installed. Its height is a mere 330cm. Furthermore, the drain pipe and refrigerant pipe are located together in one place on the unit to minimize the exposure of pipes and components. Hanger covers also provide a more refined aesthetic to installations. This premium design is perfectly suited for trendy and luxury spaces such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums and high-end furniture and clothing stores.

Round Cassette built in the ceiling. Round Cassette built in the ceiling.
A more sophisticated design allows for easier and more convenient installation
  • Easy Installation: Superior design Allows for Easier Installation

    The LG Round Cassette not only focuses on design, but also increases convenience for installers as well. As the drain pipe and refrigerant pipe are bundled together in one place, installation takes less time. Further, installers no longer need to tilt their heads back when installing the cassette because the control box allows for the power supply cable to be connected from the side. With the LG Round Cassette, the unnecessary complications of installation jobs are a thing of the past.

    When looking for the ideal cassette unit for any space, building owners, designers and installers can all agree that the LG Round Cassette delivers on all fronts. Reliable LG efficiency coupled with more flexible aesthetic possibilities and optimal performance eliminates sacrifice from the equation for the ideal solution in any space.

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