A technician repairing an airconditioner. A technician repairing an airconditioner.
  • At the core of any industry are the people that provide the support and services that keep the industry running. The HVAC industry is no exception. While many of us take the luxury of comfortable and healthy indoor environments for granted, HVAC technicians around the world are behind the scenes making sure our HVAC systems are running effectively and efficiently. They put in the training to develop their skillset and maintain our comfort in our homes, offices, hospitals, shopping centers and nearly every indoor space we occupy throughout the day. Beyond merely keeping us comfortable, HVAC technicians also save us money by ensuring our HVAC systems are operating at optimal performance to reduce energy consumption. National HVAC Tech Day is observed each year on June 22nd in the US, but LG would like to show appreciation for what the HVAC technicians around the world are doing for our comfort and our wallets by learning more about the roles they play.

  • Braving the Elements

    A few hours without air conditioning in the summer can seem like torture, but HVAC technicians work in those conditions every day of the week. They brave the hottest and coldest of conditions to install, service and repair our HVAC systems. In the summer, attics can reach temperatures as hot as 65°C (150°F).1 Whether it’s dusty attics filled with cobwebs or musty basements crawling with critters, these engineers venture into any space to get the job done. We definitely appreciate the effort they put in and enjoy the benefits they provide.

Image showing energy efficiency of Therma V. Image showing energy efficiency of Therma V.
  • Going Green

    As HVAC systems continue to convert to eco-friendly solutions, HVAC technicians are at the ones installing and maintaining these systems. HVAC systems can account for up to 40% of energy consumed in a building.2 HVAC technicians use their skills and knowledge to inspect, analyze, and put their expertise to work and optimize the potential efficiency of our HVAC units. With expert knowledge about the best components, configurations and services that keep HVAC systems running strong, HVAC technicians are not only improving our environments indoors but also helping the environment outdoors.

Screw materials on HVAC product. Screw materials on HVAC product.
HVAC technicians require a wide range of skills to keep our HVAC systems running strong
  • Diverse Knowledge

    HVAC units are complex systems and come in many different configurations. These systems are also installed in a wide range of environments. HVAC technicians must not only understand the intricacies of many diverse systems, they must also recognize how each system will perform in different conditions and ensure optimal performance.

A technician repairing an airconditioner. A technician repairing an airconditioner.
In a growing HVAC industry, HVAC technicians require a lot of training and technical know-how
  • Expertise Abounds

    Technicians can complete as over 2,000 hours of HVAC training and 144 hours of technical education.3 According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the HVAC industry is set to grow as much as 12.5% from 2019 to 2025.4 With the industry continuing to grow and technology in the field continuing to advance, an HVAC technician must stay up to date on the latest technology to stay competitive.

  • Women for the Win

    In countries the US, women make up about 47% of the workforce, but only represent just over 1% of the HVAC industry.5 However, women are continuing to make strides in HVAC. There are a growing number of roles to be filled and lots of opportunity for men and women alike.

    LG is proud of their HVAC technicians and hope to see them succeed as LG HVAC business and the HVAC industry continue to grow. Thank you to HVAC technicians around the world and we hope you feel appreciated on HVAC Tech Day and all year round.

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