• When it comes to supporting its HVAC partners and customers, LG is committed to providing the resources people need to better understand LG HVAC solutions and make better decisions for their homes and businesses. LG’s initiative to deliver helpful resources has now gone virtual with the launch of the LG HVAC Virtual Experience interactive online showroom. Not only does the LG HVAC Virtual Experience provide visitors with information on the latest HVAC innovations from LG, but it offers a chance to tour a range of residential and commercial installation environments along with detailed information about system configurations and their benefits.

  • Video of Hydro Kit functioning in a hotel. Video of Hydro Kit functioning in a hotel.
  • The Virtual Experience

    This new virtual platform from LG was created to allow customers and industry professionals easy-to-navigate access to different installations and the products and solutions that optimize each environment. Visitors to the virtual tour can enter the site with their PCs or mobile devices and select different categories, including Residential Apartment, Residential Villa, Office General, Office High-Rise, Retail and Hotel (further segments to be updated). By simply clicking on a category, users are able to freely roam through each installation space and find detailed information about each component of each system such as specifications, features, product videos and case studies. By applying the Airflow and Piping buttons, visitors can clearly see the airflow of each indoor unit or air purifier as well as view how water and refrigerant are directed through the piping system. They can even switch between operational modes to observe how airflow changes. Additionally, the LG HVAC Virtual Experience also provides the opportunity to see product designs and how each product fits into the installation space. This virtual showroom is truly an invaluable tool for consumers, designers and installers looking to create more comfortable, aesthetic and healthy environments.

  • Video of a DUAL Vane functioning in a room. Video of a DUAL Vane functioning in a room.
  • The Virtual Effect

    This engaging resource provided by LG helps improve understanding of LG HVAC products with the goal to allow customers and partners to make more informed decisions about the products that will ultimately affect the overall efficiency, design and costs in the homes and businesses. The virtual tour site will also allow LG to provide better service as they continue to save customers time and money. ‘The LG Virtual HVAC Experience delivers a compelling way to experience our latest solutions, whenever and wherever you choose,’ said James Lee, a Head of Air Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. Mr. Lee’s statement speaks to LG’s commitment to delivering powerful resources through convenient and intuitive platforms. As always, LG aims to ensure user comfort while minimizing the impact of HVAC systems on the environment through sustainable solutions.

Image of a office with a DUAL Vane cassette installed. Image of a office with a DUAL Vane cassette installed.
With the LG Virtual HVAC Experience, customers can optimize any space
  • LG has been providing efficient, high-performance HVAC solutions around the world for years as it strives to deliver meaningful services and resources that keep customers and partners ahead of the game when it comes to HVAC technology. Visit the LG Virtual HVAC Experience to get the most out of your HVAC systems and spaces.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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