• When most people hear the name LG, they think of smartphones, refrigerators and washing machines, but LG has a strong presence in sectors that go unnoticed by many consumers. LG strives to be a trusted partner in all sectors of business and that includes HVAC. With its brand philosophy based on the values of integration, expertise and commitment, LG has revealed its objective to expand the company presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) with a new range of air purification HVAC solutions for residential, office and commercial installations. Effective management of indoor quality has become more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic and LG is dedicated to bring customers and partners in the region the solutions and support to succeed with better air quality than ever.

2020 LG Air Solution Digital Press Conference 2020 LG Air Solution Digital Press Conference
LG provides a plethora of online resources to support partners and customers
  • In order to bring added value to customers and partners in MEA, LG is delivering energy-efficient solutions optimized for performance, interior aesthetic and air purification. Dr. Kam-gyu Lee, Head of LG's Air Solution business division, remarked when asked about LG's commitment to MEA, 'LG is constantly investing in capabilities to raise the trust of our customers and we will reinforce this commitment through better integrated solutions, expert insights and more dedicated support to become a trusted partner for HVAC in the region.' Since the outbreak of the pandemic and increase in concerns over indoor air quality, LG prides itself in providing products that not only meet but surpass guidelines for air quality across the Middle East and Africa.

DUAL Vane Cassette installed in a hotel lobby DUAL Vane Cassette installed in a hotel lobby
The DUAL Vane Cassette is the next step in the evolution of HVAC
  • DUAL VANE Cassette

    The LG DUAL Vane Cassette is an upgrade to the conventional 4-way cassette that offers air purification, efficiency, smart technology as well as easy maintenance. With 2 vanes on each side of the unit, the DUAL Cassette allows for more precise airflow control and reduced energy consumption. The powerful 5-step air purification system eliminates germs and odors from the air while removing PM1.0 fine dust as well. 6 operation modes, a 33% larger grille, a full 3D fan and larger heat exchanger all deliver higher efficiency and peak performance. Easily accessible components also make maintenance easier than ever for technicians.

Round Cassette installed in a café Round Cassette installed in a café
The Round Cassette delivers luxury and performance
  • Round Cassette

    The award-winning LG Round Cassette combines luxurious aesthetic with a round design that makes airflow more flexible. The premium design not only elevates any open style interior, but the low height allows the unit to be easily installed into ceilings as well. The 6-step, 360° airflow eliminates blind spots for more evenly distributed climate control. A with the DUAL Vane Cassette, the Round Cassette has a full 3D fan that reduces air flow rate by 5% and reduces noise emission to 39dB. The innovative bundled piping design has both condensate drain and refrigerant piping located together so they can be accessed easily from one spot. The control box is also located outside the unit for more convenient access.

5-step Air Purification Kit 5-step Air Purification Kit
The Air Purification it can be installed in any LG ceiling cassette for 5-step filtration
  • Air Purification Kit

    The LG Air Purification Kit is a 5-step filtration system that removes fine dust particles as small as PM1.0. The kit can be installed in to LG ceiling-mounted cassettes to add air purification and better air quality to any environment. Air Purification Kit performance has been verified by TÜV Rheinland to remove 99.9% of 50nm and 100nm fine dust. Each component of the kit can be removed separately to be cleaned or replaced and the filters can easily be cleaned for semi-permanent use.

    With a well-established production base and industry-leading capacity, the company provides effective HVAC solutions for both the commercial and residential sectors. Its wide range of cutting-edge systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning truly represent LG’s initiative in offering the most optimized solutions for a variety of uses in MEA. The company offers solutions boasting high energy efficiency and reliability based on its state-of-the-art knowhow and technologies to ensure optimal environments for users in the region. 

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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