• Creating a comfortable environment for customers is critical to the success of any retail shop. But what if you need to manage the climate in an incredibly large space with hundreds of stores, restaurants, large atriums and movie theaters? Not only does this feat require a powerful HVAC system with the capacity to maintain comfortable temperatures through a facility, it also necessitates a diverse set of solutions that can cater to the needs of each space while efficiently managing energy costs. Commercial shopping centers such as malls and supermarkets have unique needs that present challenges for facility administrators when it comes to climate control and energy consumption. LG HVAC solutions are providing customers and partners with the diverse designs, climate control, efficiency and energy management they need to succeed in commercial complexes around the world.

Shopping mall Shopping mall
Diverse spaces require diverse designs to meet their needs
  • Diversity in Design

    Aesthetic design may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of HVAC systems, but in a facility such as an upscale shopping mall, diverse aesthetic designs are an important factor for each retail shop tenant. Indoor units such as the LG ArtCool, DUAL Vane Cassette and Round Cassette offer luxurious designs to suit the unique interiors of retails shops. Diversity in performance is also equally important. Large open supermarkets and food courts or atriums in malls also require large capacity solutions that can reliably keep immense spaces cool. With integrated LG HVAC solutions, facility administrators have the diverse options to efficiency and simultaneously manage the climate across a wide range of spaces. Smaller outdoor units also provide flexibility in installation configurations to make more effective use of space outside of a commercial facility as well.

People in shopping People in shopping
Keeping customers comfortable across a wide range of spaces is a unique challenge
  • Performance for Comfort

    It's no secret that customers will shop more if they enjoy their shopping experience. Creating comfortable environments for shoppers is essential to a retailer achieving successful sales. When a shopping mall administrator partners with LG, they can rest assured that their tenants will be able to keep their customers comfortable no matter the size or configuration of their shop. At the same time, the LG Multi V VRF solution, along with LG air handling units and chillers, brings the reliable performance and precise control needed to effectively manage climate in open areas.

Woman under monitoring Woman under monitoring
Comprehensive control makes HVAC systems more effective and more efficient
  • Efficiency Control and Energy Management

    One of the top concerns for any facility administrator is reducing energy consumption and costs. LG HVAC solutions provide the efficiency and energy management to reduce costs and help facilities meet their energy goals. LG's own Ultimate Inverter Compressor in the Multi V 5 provides a wider operation range of 165Hz to improve efficiency and reliability. Smart load control with Dual Sensing Control detects both temperature and humidity to deliver precise temperature management along with more comfortable environments. LG Scroll Chillers also provide commercial facilities with an energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for heating and cooling. Variable speed operation allows LG Scroll Chillers to function at a wide range of frequencies, which reduces waste energy as the units can closely align output with the required load. Comprehensive system control is one of the most important factors in reducing energy consumption and making overall system management more convenient. Real-time operation control, remote monitoring and detailed scheduling give facility administrators an edge when streamlining system operation and energy management.

    While large commercial spaces present challenges when it comes to HVAC systems and energy management. But LG HVAC solutions are ensuring customers and partners are able to meet their goals as they keep tenants and shoppers happy through diverse designs, unparalleled comfort and high efficiency.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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