Clean air coming out from the 1 way cassette in a room. Clean air coming out from the 1 way cassette in a room.
  • Maintaining safe and healthy environments through effective air purification has never been more important than it is today. It has become essential to provide clean fresh air throughout our homes and offices. But how can we efficiently manage climate control and air purification simultaneously? LG air purification solutions available in its 1-way and 4-way cassette units are keeping us comfortable while providing convenient and effective air purification. Let’s explore how LG air purification is helping us maintain healthier environments.

Image showing the available covering rage with a DUAL Vane Cassette. Image showing the available covering rage with a DUAL Vane Cassette.
A wider purification range ensure every corner of a space receives quality air
  • Perfect Purification

    Air purification is vital to our health and safety in our homes, offices, schools, and any of the many places we occupy throughout the day. While LG indoor units, including the 1-way and 4-way cassettes, are known for powerful, diverse and efficient airflow, they also offer effective air purification even across large spaces. The LG Air Purification Kit is able to purify air over a range of 147m2 for complete coverage of any space.

LG's 5-step filtration system.
  • LG 5-step air filtration has been certified by TUV to remove PM1.0 fine dust and eliminate dust and viruses from the air. CFD testing also shows that 90% of fine dust can be removed from the air in range within 30 minutes. This allows LG air purification systems to quickly and effectively purify the air in every corner of a space. Since the inside of an air purification system also needs to be hygienic, antimicrobial Safe Plus Insulation is applied to the internal components of 1-way and 4-way cassettes1 to prevent the formation of mold. This added touch ensures the cleanest of air coming from the indoor units providing truly perfect air purification solutions.

Connectivity to home appliances with ThinQ. Connectivity to home appliances with ThinQ.
Comprehensive control makes air purification more convenient and more effective
  • Convenience from Air Purification

    Not only are LG air purification systems effective, but they’re also more convenient. A comprehensive control solution is a key to the performance of any system and LG ThinQ connectivity offers real-time access to your air purification system. Air quality data is sent to thermostats and control devices so that users can see the current air quality in their home or office and manage air purification according to the needs of the space. ThinQ also allows users to access their HVAC system to monitor and control each aspect of the system from anywhere, including air quality control.

The body height of 1 way cassette is 132mm. The body height of 1 way cassette is 132mm.
The low height of LG 1-way cassettes makes installation easier and more flexible
  • The slim design of LG 1-way and 4-way cassettes also makes installation more flexible and convenient. These easy-to-install units allow for more diverse interior designs and make installation easier for technicians in the field. The washable filter makes maintenance even easier as well as it can be simply removed, washed and installed in minutes. Air purification doesn’t get any more convenient than this.

    Whether it’s a home, office, school or shopping center, LG air purification is maintaining the best air quality possible and making it more convenient than ever. Experience the best of both worlds with efficient climate control and unparalleled air purification.

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