• LG’s inverter compressor technology ensures consistent temperature and airflow, and has been proven to provide up to 50% electricity consumption savings over conventional air conditioners

    As the country moves towards implementing sustainable building practices, retrofitting old HVAC systems is one of the key methods for achieving low energy consumption. LG has been at the forefront of providing solutions that support global environmental care mandates.

    Retrofitting enables parts of the recycled and reused existing frameworks to be utilised, saving not only initial costs, but also long-term operational expenditure. Owing to the method’s ability to utilise existing infrastructure, retrofitting is a popular choice for decision makers and business owners as it saves time, cost, and effort.

    LG Retrofit Solutions and Inverter Technology make it possible to anticipate how much users can save and estimate payback over a given period with the Life Cycle Cost Analysis. LG’s inverter compressor technology not only ensures consistent temperature and airflow, but it has also been proven to provide up to 50% electricity consumption savings over conventional air conditioner compressors.

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  • LG’s Ventilation Solution (ERV)

  • Another method of saving energy is efficient building ventilation. LG ERV (energy recovery ventilation) uses a total heat exchanger that recovers the wasted heat of the exhausted indoor air (return air) and exchanges its sensible and latent heat with the incoming fresh outdoor air, so that the fresh outdoor air is pre-cooled to the temperature and humidity close to that of the indoor air.

    Energy savings are accomplished not only by the highly efficient total heat exchanger, but also by the residential ERV’s smart functionality. Energy-saving functionality controls and adjusts the operation of the residential ERV to minimise runtime and avoid unnecessary operation when conditions are favourable.

    Since the Covid-19 outbreak, indoor air quality has become one of the most important factors of HVAC. It is no longer focused primarily on providing comfort through cooling.
    Innovations are currently trending towards acknowledging the importance of ventilation, hygienic technology, and filtration solutions for health and hygiene.

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  • LG ERV has filters that remove fine dust from the outdoor air and hygiene technology that removes germs from the air before it is introduced indoors. LG uses a pre-filter for collecting larger particles and an ePM1 filter to remove smaller particles. This standard option ePM1 filter inhibits up to 95% of the fine dust (0.3~1.0µm in size) on its way to entering a building.

    Given the Covid-19 pandemic and steps taken towards reducing carbon emissions, retrofitting old HVAC systems is an extremely important aspect of system design that has to be taken into consideration.

    For greater visibility and convenience, retrofitted LG HVAC systems are compatible with the LG ThinQ mobile application, empowering users to control their cooling systems at anytime from anywhere. The application enables real-time and trend monitoring, providing an indication of energy consumption and indoor fine dust levels.

    LG has a long-standing record of accomplishment, of helping businesses adopt more comprehensive and efficient air solution technology in the region. We have taken onboard valuable insights from the HVAC community, and we are committed to providing solutions that solve real business challenges, such as reducing operational expenditure and promoting safer physical environments.