• The air we breathe is necessary to live and is a significant factor in our health. That's why LG believes that clean air should be a priority. With this being said, an optimal indoor environment not only offers indoor comfort and convenience but also provides healthy indoor air. For this reason, LG has introduced advanced ventilation solutions and air purification kits that can be implemented in 1-way, 4-way, and round cassettes, as well as stand-alone air purifiers.

    Even though the indoor air quality is crucial in making a pleasant indoor environment, it is not easy for people to detect indoor air quality. And, sensitivity to air quality is significantly different from person to person compared to thermal comfort, noise, or lighting. And thus, the air purification monitor and control solution is vital in managing the IAQ.

    We all know that HVAC equipment needs a control system to regulate the operation of a heating and/or air conditioning system. The same goes for purification and ventilation solutions. LG's air purification and ventilation Control system allows convenient and easy control and monitoring. LG control solution applications for air purification and ventilation range from small-scale individual controllers to large-scale central controllers for entire buildings. Additionally, the implementation of CO2 and fine dust sensors plays an important role in overall building indoor air quality.

    While integrated system control is essential, real-time monitoring is invaluable to ensuring quality indoor air. LG air purification solutions provide precise, real-time air quality monitoring through touch control panels and displays on a wide range of systems controllers. In the case of LG cassette solutions, an LED light on the front panel of the unit indicates the air quality status. As for the control of ventilation solutions, diverse sensors play a critical role in monitoring indoor air quality levels. The CO2 sensor senses the CO2 level in the room and the users can monitor the CO2 level on the wired remote controller, and ERV controls the fan speed automatically following the level.

  • WiFi Control with ThinQ

    The Wi-Fi module also enables control and monitoring of indoor air quality through the ThinQ mobile application from anywhere and anytime. Along with the LG ThinQ application, the Wi-Fi module makes use more convenient with Air Purification Kit connectivity and operation. The user can simply enable or disable air purification or ventilation through their mobile device. In addition, it is possible to monitor the current indoor air quality and concentration of the different fine dust particles. A history of the past day or even year can be displayed through a mobile device.

D03_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_D02 M03_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_M02
*The Wi-Fi module (PWFMDD200) is an accessory purchased separately.
  • Individual Control

    Without the need for an additional display device, indoor air quality can be monitored in real-time using the Standard Remote Controller III. This option results in savings of both costs and space. Cassettes with air purification kits require no additional display devices to monitor PM or CO2 levels indoors.

    Individual remote controllers display the overall indoor air quality status (Good, Moderate, Poor, etc.) as well as the levels of each type of dust particle, including PM 10, PM 2.5, and PM 1. The color and status displayed correspond to the air quality indoors, and they are based on the air quality index followed in the respective region or country. Furthermore, the LG ERV solution also monitors CO2 concentration as it ventilates the air. CO2 level indoors is another indicator of the air quality.

D05_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_D03 M05_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_M03
  • Central Control

D07_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_D04 M07_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_M04
  • Central controller which covers various types of HVAC devices including air conditioners, AHU, ERV makes it possible to conveniently configure air quality management operations for each indoor unit. Both AC Smart 5 and ACP 5 monitor fine dust levels, turn air purification functionality on and off and display the air purification activity of each indoor unit. The user can view the average concentration of each particulate matter throughout the entire building and verify the air quality reading of each unit. Furthermore, it is also possible to keep track of indoor air quality trends and output air quality trends report spreadsheet (Excel).

D09_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_D05 M09_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_M05
  • Air purification control is also made available through the central controller. To control air purifiers, however, a separate PI485 gateway is required.

D11_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_D06 M11_H-A-HVACblog-LG_HVAC_IAQ_Controls-2022_M06
  • Central controllers display all connected indoor units and air purifiers. They can control the operation of each unit and monitor air quality conditions as well as the levels of each dust particle in each space. Central controllers (ACP 5, AC Smart 5) do not require any additional software and can be accessed from Google Chrome as they are based on HTML5. After a static IP address is assigned, a central controller can additionally be accessed with a smartphone from anywhere and at any time. All the functions of the central controller can be accessed through a smartphone.

    Air quality can also be displayed through an external screen. This application can be integrated with a business' information display to present the public with real-time air quality information across an entire facility. In addition, this application can display outdoor fine dust levels too.

    When it comes to indoor air quality, LG HVAC provides complete indoor air quality management solutions with advanced filtration and ventilation systems. As a crucial part of IAQ management, LG's comprehensive control systems provide an additional level of air quality management by making air quality monitoring and system control more convenient and more thorough. With precise air quality monitoring, individual unit control, and extensive system-wide control, LG control solutions cover a wide range of applications and environments for customers from every walk of life.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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