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  • LG Electronics (LG), the well-established air conditioning technologies leader kicks off 2022 with numerous Technical Seminars across the Gulf Region. The Air Solution team showcases a robust line up in Commercial and Residential HVAC Solutions – including industry-leading Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, indoor air quality solutions, Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller and Retrofit Solution.
    “It is with great pleasure that the team is able to travel and showcase products and solutions in person once again. Said Jae Won Yu, Head of Air Solution, LG Electronics Gulf Region. “Throughout the previous months, LG has been working on various solutions when it comes to air conditioning and we look forward to sharing LG’s latest offerings. As we share our most innovative lineup of industry-leading products and technology in commercial and residential business units, LG’s mission is to ensure their partners are being heard and their insights are taken into consideration and to expand further relationships all year round..
    The key topics discussed during the technical seminar include Multi V Innovations and Core Technology, Retrofit Air Solution, and Chiller products.

  • LG Multi V

    LG Multi V 5 is an integrated solution that combines advanced technologies for high-rise buildings. It provides ultimate efficiency and enhances compressor reliability with its world’s best class technology in Inverter Compressor. Multi V has Dual Sensing Control senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation. The indoor unit provides powerful Air Purification and efficient ventilation that allows you and your building to breathe clean and fresh air.

  • LG Retrofit Solution

    LG Retrofit Solution can be used to replace indoor and outdoor units with an inverter system while reusing existing pipes. You can save more energy per year with an optimized inverter system that delivers comfortable cooling. With quick and easy HVAC system installation, you can recycle the existing pipes. Today, maintaining safe and healthy environments through effective air purification has never been as important. LG cassette type’s powerful 5-Step air purification system manages indoor air quality. Filter maintenance is even more convenient with the washable semi-permanent filters that are easy to clean

  • LG Chiller

    LG Chiller is designed to provide effective cooling for even the largest buildings and facilities. LG’s Chilled water central air conditioning solutions are ideal for industrial facilities such as power plants and factories as well as district cooling. LG’s Oil-free Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller reduces operating costs and increases energy efficiency with a simplified piping structure. To meet the diverse needs of customers, LG offers chillers of various type, which is Centrifugal Chillers, Water-Cooled and Screw Chillers, Air-Cooled Screw Chillers, and absorption chillers.