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    Quick estimations of energy consumption and savings for LG HVAC products. LATS ENERGY as a simple and quick energy estimation program that provides annual energy usage and simple lifecycle cost analysis for LG products in the early stages of a project. It provides partners or sales with the ability to easily estimate the optimal system configuration in reducing energy consumption and operating costs.


    Analysis of total building energy consumption, including HVAC system operations. LG provides partners with the energy modeling report about energy savings of LG HVAC systems against conventional systems by utilizing whole building energy modeling programs such as eQUEST®, EnergyPlus™, TRNSYS, etc. Implementation of energy modeling enhances the performance of our partners with more precise and reliable energy consumption document and more efficient HVAC system installations.


    Quick and accurate selection for LG HVAC products and components, including piping and configurations. LATS HVAC is a model selection program for LG HVAC products. The program assists in quick and accurate selection of suitable LG product for each project. In addition to the model selection application, LATS HVAC also offers faster calculation of refrigerant piping diameters, refrigerant quantities, and piping lengths based on selected model and user-typed distance. With LATS HVAC, partners can provide their customer with effective and efficient product suggestion for each project, along with a full report including equipment, piping, accessories, refrigerant volumes, control device, and diagrams.

  • [LATS CAD]

    Quick and accurate system design on 2D CAD. LATS CAD, a plug-in tool for AutoCAD, makes the design of LG HVAC products and systems much faster and more accurate. It also provides installation reviews with estimations for refrigerant piping diameters and piping lengths under the LG’s design guide. Partners can save time in executing system design and deliver more accurate estimations for system configurations.


    Quick and Accurate system design on 3D Revit with BIM support. With Revit, Building Information Modeling software, engineers prevent complications during the actual installation since they are able to check the building and systems in 3D perspective. LATS REVIT, a plug-in tool for Revit software, helps quick and accurate system design by being fully compatible with Revit. LATS REVIT offers partners the tools for streamlined BIM integration for better comprehension of system configurations.


    Analysis of product performance under specific conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is an integral tool for determining the optimal performance of the system. With the LG CFD Analysis report, engineers are able to determine whether product can perform properly under specific conditions. These simulations give engineers and project administrators the advantage of previous estimation of the possible wrong installation that could cause product malfunction.

  • [LG MV]

    Maintenance and troubleshooting tools for LG HVAC systems. LG MV offers a simpler yet fully comprehensive set of data and monitoring capabilities for existing LG HVAC systems. During start-up, LG MV can check for normal operation as well as troubleshoot any errors. Also it helps to find causes of errors and solve the problem faster.

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